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#1 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 8 hours ago

Smoking Guns wrote:

Damn, terrible

That video makes me sick to my stomach.  Police in body armor and M4s standing by because they're fucking cowards, holding parents back from going in to stop the carnage because local law enforcement was too fucking scared.  This happened in Parkland too.  These officers should be fired and stripped of their pensions.  What good is any fucking law if the people we pay to enforce it and defend us from evil are too cowardly to act.

#2 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 45 hours ago

So we know that the shooter was 18 and it was illegal to have the handgun he murdered 18 and counting with. Reports I’m reading say the school had security in place. And it’s now being reported some elite squad from Border Patrol (why do we have commandos in border patrol?) swept the school and took out the shooter.

Because the intersectionality of the shooter is protected and beyond critique, leaders are demanding something be done. Heller and McDonald affirmed the right of Americans to own a handgun. Nothing short of an Amendment can alter that right. They can’t blame “assault weapons”, white supremacy or the GOP, so what batshit solution that will have no impact on murders like these be put forth?  We’ve had more children get shot in the past couple of months in Pittsburgh than happened in this tragedy today, and we’re a medium city. Chicago sees this many children get shot by a handgun each weekend and nothing is done to make real change.

The guns these sick fucks are using aren’t new. They’ve been available to the general public for almost a century. It’s the increase in violence that’s unique, and any real discussion about why and where it happens is off the table. Monkey pox was on its way to being the new fad until we found out it’s almost entirely being transmitted by gay men, and now that story is being buried.

Meanwhile the West is backing Putin into a corner while the globe is on the verge of a global recession if not depression. How did we get out of the last global depression?

People who get worked up about the shit they show on TV thousands of miles away but remain dumb about the shit happening 4 miles from their front door astound me. It’s getting to the point where people won’t be able to afford to drive and the cost of shipping will go through the roof. People won’t be able to afford food. This formula shit is just the beginning, and if you’re not aware of what foreign nations have all but a monopoly on American meat supplies, you’re not paying attention.

This incident is tragic, but it’s another fucking distraction. I’ve lost 25% of my 401k in the past 4 months, and I’m not in the minority. There are a lot of repercussions for shutting down the world for a year because elderly cancer patients were dying in droves from a virus. A dramatic increase in homicide and civil unrest is just the most apparent.

And rather than focus on the impending doom as we crater towards a depression and dare Putin and to a lesser extent Xi to go nuclear, we’re being funneled into two camps that either support infanticide or think a zygote has full constitutional protections. Or at least that’s what your led to believe if you follow corporate media or their surrogates through social media.

I’m not falling for it.

#3 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 2 days ago

This tragedy doesn't align with tragedy at Buffalo.  Hispanic, Illegal Immigrant shooting up an elementary school after running from ICE doesn't fit the current narrative.  Just as the Nation of Islam extremist who killed the same amount of Police at the Capitol a week after January 6th didn't make the media narrative.

Record amounts of African American children are murdered each week, but all we seem to care about is when the shooter is white.  Any other demographic is swept under the rug.  Mark my words, neither Biden nor Congress will act with the same haste to pass new laws and give speeches as they did just a few days ago.

#4 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 9 days ago

I remember getting taught about the civil rights and suffragette movements when I was growing up. I also remember as part of divinity studies getting taught about various different religons, their beliefs and practices. I also remember being taught about contraception, despite going to a Catholic school, because it was part of the national curriculum and had to be taught.

My public education in America that began in the later part of the 1980s was similar. I sang “We shall overcome” in Kindergarten. While all children are exposed to the biases of their family, the American education system for those now 45 and below has been crystal clear in its message that all Americans are equal under the law and negative stereotypes based on race are wrong and inappropriate. I had sex education in the 6th grade (11-12 year olds) and understood sexual anatomy as early as 6.  We studied the civil rights era and every other aspect of American history to include detailed instruction on slavery and concepts such as Manifest Destiny and the “relocation” of Native Americans to include the Trail of Tears.  What we don’t have in the states are classes on religion. Or as much as a history book favored towards European settlement and colonization can be absent of religious concepts.

You seem to be under the impression that your own education is unique or that American students aren’t show an erect penis and the proper application of a condom before they’re teenagers. While that may be true in Catholic or other religious schools, those are separate from the American public education system the overwhelming majority of students attend. And my experience isn’t an outlier. I grew up in one of the poorest, backwards, white Anglo-Saxon god fearing areas of Appalachia. All the local churches protested and lost their minds when Manson came to town in 96. Point being if ever there was an area that would hinder progressive education, I was smack in the middle, and you learned more about Christianity and it’s advocacy  in your school than I did.

The American you think exists where 15 year old girls in a public school don’t know how to get condoms or what happens if “ they go all the way” isn’t real. Never say never, but extra outliers are exactly what they claim to be.  The majority of underage pregnancies occur in urban areas most immune from Puritanical leftovers.

If I had parents whose personal viewpoints disagreed with any of those topics, or disagreed with me being taught about them, are they in the right if they complain to the school or government and demand I am not taught about them?

Shouldn’t they? I’m not a parent (yet), but the obligation of any parent first and foremost is to teach and prepare their child to survive and the rules of the world. You and I agree that responsibility absolutely entails what we’d both label a quality education. But other parents are free to believe differently because it’s their child. The courts are able to intervene in clear cases of abuse - children of white supremacist trying to indoctrinate being a great example. Most states require children be enrolled in public school until 16 years of age, but it was possible for a parent to withdraw their student from some of those topics. The problem isn’t necessarily the subject, it’s the way it’s taught and the advocacy for it. And many people believe parents have a right to withdraw their child from certain instruction. If you genuinely felt the curriculum being taught to your child was wrong/harmful, wouldn’t you want that option?

On the topic at hand. I don't see how it's harmful to explain to kids that some people are born a boy or girl but later realise they are more comfortable identifying the opposite way. Also, don't see how it's harmful to acknowledge that some kids in the class might have two moms or two dads instead of a mom & dad.

Because the first example is incredibly rare as a diagnosis and almost completely undefined in the public discourse. Find a definition on transgenderism that is objective and quantifiable. Telling children that the fantasies and delusion of certain adults must be accepted blindly is bad. That’s not to say children shouldn’t be taught to tolerate and empathize with others. Just that my child isn’t required to acknowledge that there is no distinction of importance and value between Catelyn Jenner and JK Rowling.

Being taught equality in school and that people of the same sex marrying is legal and equitable is okay. Making schools a safe space for vulnerable teenagers confused about their sexual identity or place in this world is fine. Telling 7 year olds that men can become women or that human beings are anything more than sexually dimorphic creatures with a broad range of physical features, interests, beliefs, customs and expression is an agenda. An agenda to blindly and through shaming to pretend trans-women are women.  I believe in your right to accept that and live and think according to that maxim. But it’s not a position backed in science or even biology. I can define a man/male by stating the presence of a Y chromosome and in nearly every instance save mutilation or mutation, a penis and testicles will serve as their reproductive organs. Conversely I can define a woman/female as someone with two X chromosome, and the presence of breasts and a vagina with a clitoris in nearly every instance save mutilation or mutation. There isn’t an in-between. Any other nomenclature or group you or others want to ascribe under the umbrella of “gender” are arbitrary and capricious and totally lacking any criteria to classify. Cogito ergo sum works to prove your consciousness is real, but it doesn’t apply to biological systems.

#5 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 2 weeks ago … -roe-whpa/

This is my Senator voting for a bill he acknowledges he doesn’t support, but is voting a symbolic “Yay” because it’ll help his party in political advertising. And fabricating a threat that doesn’t exist and has no way of passing for the very same reasons the bill he’s voting in favor for can’t be passed.

#6 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 2 weeks ago

misterID wrote:

Schumer is going to push another bill to “ratify Roe” which allows abortion all the way up to birth. When he tried this a few weeks ago he couldn’t even get 50 Democrats on board. Even people who support Row are against that. Like, all of Europe has stricter abortion laws than Alabama and Mississippi.

This is what is so frustrating. We have no idea what the final opinion in Jackson will be or what restrictions it will allow. But let’s assume Alito’s 1st draft opinion is the final product - Roe’s conclusion that abortion is an inherent right granted through privacy requirements from the 4th, 5th and 14th amendments is no longer true. State’s can regulate and ban abortion in the majority of situations. It’s important to note that we have no idea and won’t know from Jackson where federal bodily autonomy ends. Someone will sue in a restrictive state for the right to abort in clear instances of danger to the mother. And SCOTUS will have to define when abortion due to physical danger to the mother ends.

Congress and Biden have a real opportunity to score a win here that will help real people and accomplish the ends they profess to desire. I bet they could pass a federal law ensuring the right to abortion up to 15 weeks. A standard set in most of the western world. You have moderate republicans in the senate who want to create some kind of protection. But no. Rather than legislate or govern, they go full wacko and want to legislate infanticide. And morons who don’t know how to have an independent thought suddenly support drilling holes into the brains of crowning babies because they’re told that’s the new definition of support for abortion rights. Ignore the incredibly rare medical instances where such an act would ever be considered, who is in favor of healthy babies and their healthy mothers consenting to murder as the child is birthed?  The people who answer in the affirmative are the nut jobs hanging outside Kavanaugh’s house ready to perform a lynching. And the media portrays these people and this opinion as if it’s rationale or remotely popular. Imagine if they represented people who want to machine gun illegals crossing the border with the same empathy and credibility as they do supporters of the democrat’s current legislation.

They know it has no chance of passing, and probably don’t want to support abortion at 40 weeks. But why accomplish something that can unify people when you can continue to fund raise and try to salvage your midterm slaughter by making Jackson out to be the greatest threat to our democracy since the maintaining of the filibuster and requiring voter ID before that. The lemmings who follow them off the cliff are even more baffling.

#7 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 3 weeks ago

misterID wrote:

But yesh, being a caregiver is emotionally and psychologically hard.

That’s where I concluded I’d struggle. If I thought I’d live forever, that’s one thing. With trisomy21, you don’t know how independent the child will be capable of being. And even at the least limited, there’s concern.

A friend of mine’s mom took in a guy named Dustin as a favor after Dustin’s mom passed. Dustin was an adult, but mentally handicapped. Essentially a perpetual 8 year old intellectually. She was close friends with Dustin’s mom, and knew Dustin all his life. They thought they could make it work, but the challenge was too much and now Dustin lives in a home. He has no blood family to care for him, and gets to spend a few days with my friend’s mom around holidays.

I’ve never had a conversation with Dustin on his happiness, but it’s not a situation I’d ever want to put my child or their siblings in should my wife and/or I suffer and early demise. And that’s assuming best case scenario where true independence is possible. A group home, all alone isn’t a situation I could feel comfortable subjecting my child to in his 40s or 50s.

#8 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 3 weeks ago

misterID wrote:

Should Down syndrome babies be aborted for having Down syndrome?

My wife and I have both agreed if our future child was diagnosed with down syndrome we'd abort it.  I know Ohio passed a law that banned abortion solely due to down syndrome.  I disagree with that.  I respect the right of others to choose, and a decision like that isn't one to be made lightly.  At the end of the day, if abortion is legal, it's legal.  So long as those who choose to have it adhere to the requirements of applicable law, that should be the end of discussion.  Others will probably have a strong opinion totally different than mine, but privacy was at the root of Roe and I think it's very important to maintain it. 

With Collins and Murkowski calling for the Senate to affirm Roe, I hope they can find 8 more GOP Senators.  I just hope the DNC doesn't go full bore and try to legalize abortion up to 40 weeks at the whim of the mother as VA and NY did.  No way that law ever passes.  Manchin has already confirmed he won't support removing the filibuster to codify Roe into federal law.

#9 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 3 weeks ago

mitchejw wrote:

Forcing these unwanted babies will create more problems. In a society that’s hooray for me and fuck you, these kids won’t have a chance.

At least they’ll fill up juvenile halls and jails though.

I'm a firm believer that Roe was a primary cause of the dramatic downturn in violence we experienced in the early 90s.  Hundreds of thousands if not millions of unwanted children who never were forced to exist with mothers who couldn't care/didn't want them, and turned to the streets to survive. 

I would not be surprised at all if we didn't see a big crime spike in 2040 as a direct result of Roe being overturned and the 20 or so states that will immediately act to ban all abortions.

#10 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 3 weeks ago

misterID wrote:

If that’s the argument for life you’ve just lost in court.

Christ told his followers to be the best slaves they could be, so I guess we have to abolish the 13th amendment now cause some illiterate desert nomads 6k years ago had a clever story to tell.  Anyone have 30 pieces of silver I can borrow?  I'm going to go rape some A lister and pay her father to make her my 2nd wife.

Deuteronomy 22:29

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