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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » Potential Opening Acts » 412 weeks ago's been awhile since I've last been on

I would die if it was either RHCP, Pearl Jam, System of a Down, or Soundgarden

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Twitter Q&A Fortus and Dj » 494 weeks ago

That's the most answers we've got to real questions about the future of this band in a long time!

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » Leaked GN'R Songs Thread » 520 weeks ago

Hear it on YouTube while it lasts

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » Axl Rose Endorsing Headphones In His Spare Time » 527 weeks ago

The headphones Axl is wearing, the Ultrasone Edition 8, are going for $1500 on Amazon

#5 Guns N' Roses » Axl Rose Endorsing Headphones In His Spare Time » 527 weeks ago

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tumblr_muvhbvcSXo1rliddzo1_250.jpg … -endorser/

(Roughly) Translated To English

"18 October 2013 - Welcome To The Jungle, Paradise City, November Rain - Axl Rose has written with his band Guns N 'Roses rock history. To date, the formation is one of the most successful rock bands in the world, 2012, the group was inducted into the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame".

Privately, Axl Rose would be a very personal presentation of his favorite music and watching developments in the headphone range accurately. So already contact with the Ultrasone AG came about some time ago. The headphone manufacturer from the Bavarian Wielenbach, near Lake Starnberg, has specialized since its foundation in the development of headphones and holds more than 60 patents in this segment.

S-Logic for music lovers of popular musicians such
as outstanding development has often been awarded the patented S-Logic technology. Without this technology locally installed transducer and targeted reflections in the inner ear a unique surround sound audio experience. The music sounds like on a wide stage, just as it has been conceived by the artist. Many famous musicians and producers are already using Ultrasone headphones.

"We are very pleased with the endorsement of Axl Rose," said Dragana circle that is with their marketing agency, Don Dexter Agency GmbH, inter alia in the field of Artist Relations department responsible for Ultrasone. "We are Axl Rose for some time friendly relationship and look forward to the enthusiasm with which he uses Ultrasone headphones, and also recommended. He not only appreciates the sonic qualities of Ultrasone headphones, but is also excited by the exquisite workmanship of Editions series. "

Axl Rose of Edition 8 thrilled
Axl Rose swears primarily on the Ultrasone Edition 8, a noble circumaural headphones, designed both for listening at home or on the go. The Edition 8 is available in models ruthenium, palladium, as well as "Romeo" and "Juliet". The different versions rely on a combination of their own a very supple leather and precious metal finish.

Ultrasone has devoted his endorsers as well as private customers daily with their "Ultrasone" hear their own website. Under to find their stories.

As a leading developer and manufacturer of headphones, the Ultrasone AG has made a good name for audiophile listeners around the world since its founding in 1991. Ultrasone headphones are in the pro audio field with trendy DJs and renowned recording studios to find just as with HiFi enthusiasts in over 50 countries. An excellent reputation also enjoy the exclusive factory-models in this country are made by hand. For several years, MP3 player and smartphone owners enjoy the sound enjoyment of portable headphones in Ultrasone quality. The company from Lake Starnberg holds more than 60 patents, a feature of the models is Ultrasone's patented S-Logic technology, which ensures a decentralized arrangement of the sound transducers for a spatial sound as natural and at the same time protects the hearing. Developed in 1997 ULE shielding is another milestone in the history Ultrasone, which reduces the electromagnetic radiation of the head with the use of headphones by up to 98 percent."

#6 Re: The Garden » Hey, so, what's new? » 529 weeks ago

metallex78 wrote:
Bloodflower wrote:

Well here's my uncensored opinion and it'll likely get me  banned...  But nevertheless here it is straight up. No bullshit.

I'm Bono..... wow no shit eh. Hardly shocking.

Russ wanted me gone. The majority of the staff here didn't agree with that. Did they think I was an angel? No. Did they think I should be permanently banned? No. The board was split on it as well but it wasn't some unanimous decision to ban a guy who'd been trolling the board for years. For fuck sakes I posted here for 5 years or whatever and some of you acted like I was this massive cancer who was ruining the board for all times. Yet when I was gone I could read the shit talking with members like Buzz and ID egging on other members in the classic way they did with me. Was I completely innocent? No of course not but the proof was in the pudding that after  I left what I had been saying all along was absolute truth.  If I was so bad the staff here who are pretty smart and for the most part really cool guys would've banned me years ago but the truth is I wasn't that bad and all the bleeding hearts who thought I was were just as bad but in different ways.

So I had a back and forth discussion with Neemo via emails. It came down to this. Russ gave the ultimatum to ban me. He goes or I go was basically his stance. Neemo said the staff here weren't willing to go along with that if I wanted to stay. However I knew, or at least I thought I knew how much this place meant to Russ so I told Neemo that it was fine and they could just ban me because Russ does a lot for this place AND it likely means way more to him than me. Or so I thought.

I have ALWAYS had an account at MYGNR and have been friends with UK Subs for years so when I got banned from here naturally I went back over there. This notion that I followed Russ there to carry on some song and dance is fucking bullshit and truth be told I went back to MYGNR before Russ came over there.  I have never followed anyone around on any of these boards. Like I have said all along when I logout I LOGOUT. I do not carry any of this stuff with me when I'm not here and even when I log back in it's a fresh slate BUT we all have our individual styles of posting so naturally my "attacks" as some would like to call them seemed to be directed at the same people more often than not.

In the end Russ got exactly what he wanted and yet because a  portion of the members here didn't agree with that he bitched out and left this place hung out to dry. FACT. Russ abandoned this place because of his ego. He left without any explanation whatsoever. Friends with people on this board for years and yet he just ups and leaves because some long time valuable members didn't agree with him on one topic? He wanted to be praised and when people didn't praise him he felt betrayed and so not only did he leave he had all his posts removed, ruining some threads and then he went to MYGNR a place he had bashed for years. Why? Because like I have always said Russ NEEDED this stuff. When I logged out it was over for me. Russ on the other hand likely took so much of this to heart and lost sleep over it. His identity is in moderating a GnR board.  Do I know this for sure? No of course not but why in the fuck did Russ put so much time and effort into this place only to dump it when the masses didn't praise his decision even though he got EXACTLY what he wanted? Why is he now moderating again at a site he claimed to despise? So he can put into action an agenda that would NEVER fly over here maybe? Make your own conclusion but I'm calling it like I see it. Straight up.

I simply liked shooting the shit with you guys and yes at times arguments erupted but I never hated any of you and I never walked away from my computer at night fuming over what took place on GNRevolution. I also was not the one to abandon this place. In fact I told Neemo to do what I felt was best for GNRevolution and that was keep Russ over me. Russ got that and still left.

So because of one guy this place lost two long time contributing members over the span of a few weeks. Sure its slow in the GnR world and there isn't much to talk about and maybe this is MY ego talking here but losing not one but 2 valuable members in that fashion has hurt this place. It has. This place isn't the same. How can it be when you have a place this small and tight knit and you lose two important members basically at the same time. Russ made his bed but I for one would like to come back as Bono. I know that isn't going to happen but it would be cool if it did. I can't fake this shit anymore posting as some bullshit character.

Anyways if I can't come back as Bono that's cool. I get it. I know Will wants me outta here too and he pretty much holds all the cards so.... Unless I'm back as Bono this will be the last you guys hear from me. I'm done at mygnr too. No real desire to post there at all. I just did it to pass time.

Peace fuckers!


I'm sure I'm not alone when I say let Bono come back! 5

I ditto what Metallex says, bring back Bono

#7 Re: The Garden » Hey, so, what's new? » 529 weeks ago

IDK who made the Guns N' Roses emoticons, but Russ put all of them on MYGNRForum, which I thought was pretty lame considering someone put them on HERE for this forum

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » Welcome back » 529 weeks ago

Heres the 1st discussion of "Nu GNRevolution" 16 :

What website did you go to, to get your GNR fix while Evo was down?

There's no way I'm ever going to Jarmo's cult, so I went to MyGNRForum

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