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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » Could the first Snakepit album have been a good record with Axl / Duff » 72 weeks ago

Miguelox26 wrote:

Izzy!....izzy y axl era el potencial!...y no menosprecio al conjunto original! ritmica de izzy y la lirica de axl montaban canciones de cojones y slash era la guinda para los solos!...pero no nos engañemos los solos de izzy y axl!....siempre hablamos de como toca slash y por supuesto tio que toca del carajo pero a nivel compositivo era izzy y la quimica de axl para componer las partes de guitarras que eran el sonido guns clasico!....p.d hollywood rose lo dice todo y comfirma lo de izzy y axl!

Bueno tio,  eso yah es demaciado. Izzy y Axl era una pareja phenomenal,  sin duda.  Pero la guitara de Slash los llevaron a otro nivel.   Compera los albums the Izzy & Slash dispues de Guns, la qualidad se enquentra machismo mas con las de Slash.

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Could the first Snakepit album have been a good record with Axl / Duff » 72 weeks ago

Miguelox26 wrote:

Snakepit es muy monotomo y como album es normalito!....pero tiene muy buenos riff y algun buen solo tambien!....tambien tiene mala leche y eso slash lo perdio!...chinese tiene mejores riff y mejores solos!....el disco d slash es rockero y chinese es metal alternativo!....como obra chinese es mucho mas variada y esta mejor ejecutada!....chinese rules!....p.d. a slash le duro poco el estilo d snakepit, ficho a un cantante d alternativo y salio velvet revolver y hay chinese lo arrasa y lo combierte en obra maestra!


#3 Guns N' Roses » Thor Love & Thunder - missed oppertunity? Minor Spoilers about movie. » 72 weeks ago

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There were 4 gnr songs in the movie.  I loved it.  But man, they're supposed to be dropping a couple new songs, they couldn't get one in the movie?  What a missed opportunity.

#4 Re: Dust N' Bones & Cyborg Slunks » SMKC new single out 22nd October » 109 weeks ago

Digging the new song.
The intro kinda reminds me of Wild Honey by the Beach Boys

#6 Re: The Garden » Drinkin’ with Wasted » 199 weeks ago

I was a little to rough with my last Hoe, ended up with nothin' but head.

#7 Re: The Garden » Drinkin’ with Wasted » 199 weeks ago

Fucking love superbowl Sunday.  I'm already 4 hoes in.  smile

#8 Re: The Garden » Drinkin’ with Wasted » 203 weeks ago

wasted wrote:
RaZor wrote:

Hmm, I've been pairing the hoes w/ fish.

Is hos Belgium? Do mean like jars of fish on bread? Or white fish like cod?
There’s loads of Hefe imported. I put lemon juice in it. I’m not really sure what food goes well with wheat beer. Pretzels.

Its Belgium.  I drink Witbier with all fish; cod, salmon, shellfish, pussy, etc.  Supposedly it pairs best with shellfish, and you should go with a light lager for other fish, but I don't like the aftertaste I get when I drink light lagers with fish.


Haven't tried a hefe yet, any recommendations?

#9 Re: The Sunset Strip » Hella Mega Tour - Green Day / Fall Out Boy / Weezer » 203 weeks ago

I saw Weezer back in 2002, w/ Dashboard Confessional & Sparta.   I'm looking foward to seeing them again, but much more excited about Green Day and Fall Out Boy here, haven't seen either of them live yet.  I've been a Green Day fan for a long time, but have been getting into FOB alot lately too.  They've had some good song here and there, but I became a big fan when they put out american beauty/american psycho, killer fucking album. FOB just put out a greatest hits v2 album too, so we should be getting a greatest hits setlist from them.  Very excited.

#10 Re: The Garden » Drinkin’ with Wasted » 203 weeks ago

Hmm, I've been pairing the hoes w/ fish.

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