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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » Facebook Announcement » 361 weeks ago

I saw the timeline video and thought "well there's how you announce a new album".

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Izzy tweet about Axl and Duff interview » 397 weeks ago

Its this simple: the deal doesn't work for either side.

GnR just had a very successful stadium tour of the US without Izzy's involvement.     Therefore, Axl/Slash/Duff had no reason to offer Izzy any substantial amount of money, as his involvement adds little to nothing to the bottom line.

Izzy felt he deserved a bigger piece of the pie.   Its his right to feel that way.      I don't blame him for it.     He is holding out for what he feels he is worth.   

Let me be clear, I love Izzy.   I would love to see him involved.    But it doesn't make sense for either side at this point .   That may change in the future, but Izzy going public like that isn't going to help his case.    Perhaps seeing that they can sell stadiums without him will bring him back down to earth in the future.     I'm sure it sucks for him.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » 14/7/16 LINCOLN FINANCIAL FIELD, PHILADELPHIA, PA UNITED STATES » 405 weeks ago

harmon420 wrote:

If they're going to continue to experiment with Chinese cuts, I'm very interested to hear Slash's take on IRS. IMO the most Illusion sounding track of the whole Chinese saga.

Don't think it's on the list of alternates, but I agree IRS is an underrated track and Slash would probably make it even better.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » 9/7/16 NISSAN STADIUM, NASHVILLE, TN UNITED STATES » 406 weeks ago

Smoking Guns wrote:

Is Adler a member again? I mean, he is on tour with them. Performs with them. Recorded with them?!?

Was Izzy a member again in 2006 when he guested for many of the shows, usually playing 4 songs?

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » Slither » 408 weeks ago

There's certainly precedent for band members performing their own tunes..  Tommy and BBF used to do their solo songs, although Axl would leave the stage.

The question about a VR song is if Axl would do the vocals, or would Duff do them.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » Detroit June 23rd 2016 - Opening Night of "Not In This Lifetime" ST » 408 weeks ago

chad4bama wrote:

No "Patience" in the set list?!?!?

Way too many covers to be leaving out GNR classics.  Drop a couple covers not named KOHD and This I Love...add Patience, Locomotive, and Think About You...that would then be a dream set list for me...although I would switch DTJ with The Garden or Yesterdays.

This I Love isn't a cover.

KOHD, also, while technically a cover,  I think the GnR version is the most widely known and appreciated version of the song.

I agree its odd to leave out a song like Patience.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Slither » 409 weeks ago

misterID wrote:

Someone on Truth said it was supposed to be a tribute to Scott.

That was a headline generated for clicks.. no basis in fact.

All we know is that Slither is listed as an alternate on the setlist.     That means its been rehearsed, but they may or may not play it,  Perfect Crime has been there since 2007 as well.. yet to be played.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » Slither » 409 weeks ago

Smoking Guns wrote:

This is like so 10 hours ago lol. Yes pretty cool. I know some will be pissed because prior to the shows many said "why would Axl sing anything from VR or Slash, that isn't GNR and CD is".

I'm not pissed, but I do understand why CD songs are in the setlist and VR songs have not been as of yet - since they're GnR songs.

I'm not opposed to VR songs tho.   Slither is a great song with one of the better guitar solos from that era of music.    Lets hear it.

#9 Re: Dust N' Bones & Cyborg Slunks » New Izzy track "Walkin" being mixed » 410 weeks ago

Come on now..   Change the title of this or post it in the former members section.     I love Izzy, I'll support this, but the title was totally misleading.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » Axl at the Chinese Exchange » 410 weeks ago

Smoking Guns wrote:

You guys are probably right. If Axl wanted to be a Dick he would have.

Plus, Slash wrote his book and said what he wanted to say.. Axl never wrote his.      The fact that Axl said he had to be careful about how he would say things in a potential book tells me he is being protective of his reunion with his old friends.     Otherwise why would he care?

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