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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » GN’R 2022 Tour Thread » 6 weeks ago

metallex78 wrote:

London night one was a shortened set due to sound issues and starting late.

London night 2 was even shorter, (though still 18 songs), reportedly because Axl says he was having issues with his voice.
He sang most of the show in lower register, which for the most part sounded pretty good according to those that were there.

And there are varying reports about Axl having some anxiety issues due to his vocal problems etc.

I’m curious to see how this plays out….

I guess we’ll find out at the next show.

I was at the show last night. Yeah he was generally in the lower register most of the night. It worked though, didn’t notice too much at the time. A few of the videos I took when watching this morning you could hear he was quite pitchy which I guess the live crowd masked a fair bit.

Have mixed feelings overall, bit gutted after a 3 year wait that some of the staples were cut (no RQ, NR or YCBM) but equally kudos for playing when sick, it can’t be easy. Got the feeling it was maybe close to being cancelled. I also wonder if that was why there was such a delay getting in to the venue the night before. If there was a risk of it being cancelled maybe that’s why they weren’t letting people in.

So all in all a bit of a shame but can’t be helped and was still a good show. In some ways I think the enforced changes perhaps helped the show. It felt really tight and punchy. I’d never criticise for the usual 3 hours they do but it did sometimes make the shows a bit meandery in parts. At 2 hours last night there was none of that.

#2 Re: The Sunset Strip » No Time To Die » 45 weeks ago

Saw it at the weekend.

Hidden Text:

Wow they did it. Felt kind of surreal watching the ending as it will go down as a major moment in film history for better or worse.

I wasn't hugely surprised by his death as it had been hinted at throughout the film but even then for them to actually go through with it was still a surprise. Kudos to them for having the balls. The virus thing infecting him and keeping him from his family angle gave them a nice mechanism to have him retire again, alone forever the bachelor but still alive.

Overall after one watch I'd say better than QoS and Spectre but below CR and Skyfall but that may change. The weak link as others have said was Malik or more specifically his villain. Safin just seemed kind of aimless to me. They could have done the entire story basically the same and just either used Blofeld again or a Blofeld protege and it would have made more overall sense.

What's next for Bond? With all the political pressure that now seems to hang on a Bond casting it may be the last traditional Bond we see for a while but who knows.

The dream for me is a solid Bond casting and hand the directing/writing reigns to Chris Nolan for 2-3 films and let him tell a Bond story arc ala Dark Knight. 

#3 Re: The Sunset Strip » No Time To Die » 45 weeks ago

The whispers have all been positive for this film. Similar to CR and Skyfall when they were getting released, so my hopes were up anyway.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » Hardschool single coming September 24th. » 45 weeks ago

misterID wrote:

I think Quick Song, Oklahoma, Perhaps and Atlas have the opportunity to be really kick ass with Slash and Duff.

Agreed, I think The Rebel sounds ready made for Slash and Duff too. I'm intrigued to hear what they might make of State of Grace as well.

I'm really digging Hard School (the K can fuck off). I liked the demo and at first the studio track sounded jarring but a few listens in and I was used to it. Love the additions from Slash and Duff. At first the guitar work sounded kind of basic but it has really catchy hook to it. Like others have said I'm not sold on the mix, the drums sound like I'm hearing them through cotton wool.

I think they made a mistake going with Absurd as first single. The attention on HS has been lower and I think it's because it's come second and I think the momentum it could have generated as first single has been lost. Hard School is a viable hit rock single but I think a to lot of casuals it will have lost the intrigue element after hearing Absurd.

Which comes back to management and who is making these commercial decisions for the band because they don't make a ton of sense from the outside looking in. Duff in particular is a smart business savvy guy, I can't believe he looks at most of this and agrees. Even something as simple as the 'branding' of the two new songs, why do they need to invert the R on Absurd and call it Hard Skool (shudder)? It's something a 12 year old would do.

Anyway, minor moans aside, delighted with HS and delighted the band are releasing music again.

#5 Re: The Sunset Strip » No Time To Die » 45 weeks ago

I'm seeing it on Saturday so will keep out of this thread until after that.

Best ever is a big call though..

Casino Royale (Daniel Craig's first film) is great, well worth a watch James. Skyfall is good as well. Quantum of Solace and Spectre not so much.

#6 Re: The Garden » EURO 2021 Thread » 57 weeks ago

AtariLegend wrote:

I thought the final night of group games in F livened things. It was the night France played Portugal, Germany played Hungary.

It was not compelling before that night. Since then it was more hit than miss.

Yes good point they were two good games. For long enough that night it looked like it would be England v Hungary in the last 16.

AtariLegend wrote:

Congrats APE on getting to the final, you have your best chance in over 50 years of a trophy, regardless of the route.

I'd be happy, but let's be honest Denmark were screwed. Sterling dived and the ref should have went to the monitor. Nevermind the lazer pen and 2 balls being on the pitch. It's beyond hypocritical to see the pundits pretend otherwise (more bbc than itv). Denmark were hard done by. Had 10 players on the pitch for half of extra time and were clearly knackered (their long travel throughout Europe for games didn't help), nevermind Erickson.

Thanks, no doubt, have to be in it to win it as they say. I think if we got through Germany in 96 we probably go on to win it, maybe the same in 90 as well given the relative calibre of finalists on both occasions. Nevertheless they didn't and this team have made it.

Can't agree that they were screwed. Was it a soft pen? Yes. Do you see them given all the time? Also yes. It was about as soft as the free kick that was awarded to Denmark for their goal. I think the one on Kane in normal time was more of a pen tbh but the ref said no for that one. I guarantee if the same scenario had presented to a Danish player or an Italian tomorrow they do exactly the same thing as Sterling.

From 60 mins onward the Danes were spent and rolled the dice on subbing half the team to freshen it up and it didn't work. In a game where they were allowed to make 6 subs in total and still ended up with 10 men for the last 15 mins isn't unlucky, it's poor management.

AtariLegend wrote:

It's the best England team in my lifetime. 2002 had better players, but the system/tactics weren't there. In 2016 when I mentioned the Iceland thing the squad wasn't that good, it's different now.

I personally think the 2004 team was the best squad (on paper at least). Only David James was a downgrade really, add in a red hot Wayne Rooney and I think it beats the 02 team. As you say though tactically poor and Eriksson wasn't brave enough to either change his shape to accommodate the players or change the players to accommodate the shape and we suffered as a result.   

AtariLegend wrote:

Still a good chance Italy win though. They're pretty good and it'll be very different/harder than anything so far. If they beat Italy, they're deserved winners. If they fail, then it's business as usual and I'm not sure where England rank in europe amongst the big teams. Germany were a jeckle and hyde team than England on paper should beat , Italy aren't.

I'm disappointed in France most in terms of the teams. They had the best players, yet chose to play all their games like they were exhibitions and never really kicked into gear, it backfired. They'll be back in 2022 probably.

Portugal done what England did in the early 2000s imo. Try to fit your star players unto the field, rather than stick to a system and put people on the bench (Bruno Fernandes upset the teams balance imo). Very good squad, bad system. Like fitting Steven Gerrard/Lampard into the same midfield instead of just benching one.

I think Italy are favourites and I'm expecting them to win tbh. I think it will be close but I can see an Italy win. They did seem to tire against Spain though which might also work in our favour.

I'm glad we are playing a proper classical team in the final, if we win it will have been deserved. Agree, not sure if we lose quite where we sit among Europe's best but if nothing else it will have been a fun few weeks.

#7 Re: The Garden » EURO 2021 Thread » 57 weeks ago

Been really quiet on here.....

Anyway what have people made of tournament? I thought the group stage was bit meh but came alive in the knockouts (as is often the case), the Spain v Croatia game seemed to really spark it all in to life. I don't like the multiple cities format, a tournament needs a host country and I think it's suffered as a consequence, although certainly not helped by covid restrictions either.

England making the final still feels a bit surreal, we usually got a nosebleed in the quarters in the last 20 years. I just hope we don't get overawed by the occasion and die wondering.

#8 Re: The Garden » EURO 2021 Thread » 62 weeks ago

AtariLegend wrote:

Belgium have an agining defence and DeBruyne might not be fit. Hazard has been a disaster at Madrid sadly so far. They might go deep, but I don't see them getting past the semis.

Spain don't have a great squad and depth (don't get why Nacho/Marco Assenio of Real Madrid weren't taken). I reckon if England made it to the quarters against Spain they'd beat them.

France have the best squad and easily should win this... except the favourites rarely do sweep all. I would not fancy England against them.

Portugal are much better than when they won it, both as a team and squad. Maybe 2nd favourites they should be? They would be a good test for England.

As for Germany, it's Low's last try. They do have a good squad, just bad form. However they do play the group in Berlin. Them vs. England in the last 16 will be interesting.

Italy have had really great form since they failed to get to 2018. They've lost only 1 competitive game (against Portugal) and been really good. It's not the Italy 2006 squad, but they should be good for going deep.

England with some luck can go to Semi's, but the last 16 is going to be really hard. ...And like last time, unless you count the penalty win over Spain in 96... England's euro knockout record is horrendous. I don't think they ever beat a team past the group. ...But you have a much better squad now than in the past. Alot of really good young players playing abroad, the future is bright regardless of 2021 or Qatar next year.

There are certainly questions over Belgium's key players this time but if they can get KDB, Hazard and Lukaku on the pitch and in any kind of form they'll be difficult to stop.

I think Spain are missing a David Villa/Fernando Torres type to give them the needed cutting edge up front. They're still a match for anyone on their day though.

It's hard to see past France, the quality and depth they have is incredible. However as you say favourites rarely win but there is reasonable precedent for the last world cup winners to then go on and win the next euros so we'll see. The most likely team to beat France is themselves.

Italy are a good shout, nobody is really talking about them which is generally when they are most dangerous. Just quietly building momentum.

England's record in the euros is sketchy full stop. It's not a tournament we routinely do well in by any stretch. To be fair though most of our knockout games we've gone out on penalties. You can't dismiss the Spain win because it was on pens then say our knockout record is horrendous when all but one of those defeats (in my lifetime) have been on pens as well. There's only the Iceland game I think where we lost 'normally'. I'm also not sure if it's relevant, I don't think this squad is scarred by the continuous failings that seemed to haunt previous generations (there is still time for that). Most of this team have won on pens, won a knockout game in normal time and reached a world cup semi final together. I don't know if that's relevant either but has to be more so than how we did in the 90's?

With all that said I think this is an exciting squad. While this tournament and Qatar could be a bit soon, if their development continues, players like Foden, Mount, Sancho, Bellingham could form a core of a really top international side in the future. In the here and now I'm not sure we are good enough defensively and we seem to struggle to link play effectively between defence and our forward line.

I'd be very impressed with another SF appearance.

#9 Re: The Garden » EURO 2021 Thread » 62 weeks ago

Thanks for that reminder. Can you link to the world cup 2018 thread at all?

England have a decent squad but no way are they favourites (which they are with some bookies) I know home advantage is big but I don’t see us beating any of France/Spain/Belgium/Portugal. I wouldn’t be that surprised if we don’t make it out of the group.

Hoping all the home nationa do well to be honest.

Think it’ll be France or Belgium that wins it.

#10 Re: The Garden » Covid 19 » 63 weeks ago

Had mine on Saturday. Got given Pfizer, wasn't offered a choice but I'd have probably gone for that even if I was.

Had an aching arm for 36 hours after but other than that all good.

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