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#1 Re: The Garden » Current Events... » 5 days ago

James...I don't recall our exact age difference but I think you're a tad older than me. Why does this matter? I think you were in high school around this time. I was in high school shortly couldn't be a bigger douche bag than a Gn'R fan in the late 90s, early 2000s...I took Axl's words to heart, you stand behind your music like a political statement.

I was the Gn'R fan while boy bands and jail bait female acts took over and I took a lot of critical abuse for this...

Slash in the mid-late 90s seemed clueless in some ways. He avoided confrontation by just leaving. In retrospect, this is a hard thing to reconcile from the 'baddest band on the planet' lead guitar player.

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » The General and Monsters » 7 days ago still the word...

#3 Re: The Garden » Current Events... » 7 days ago

oh god...the missing 90s years leading up to Slash quitting (and Duff). Slash needed something to do. Found it.

#4 Re: The Garden » The Space thread » 7 days ago

What's LEO?

I'd like to hear more about where we drifted off into alternative 1985. or whatever alternate line we're on now.

Where did we go wrong? Is there anyone out there that doesn't want to explore space?

#5 Re: The Garden » Current Events... » 7 weeks ago

What do these protesters think they’re accomplishing? Protests don’t do anything. Why don’t these people go over there and do something about it if they don’t like it?

Unbelievable privilege to sit around campus protesting.

#6 Re: The Garden » Current Events... » 11 weeks ago

I'm calling it now, Trump will win...again. Yipee...

#7 Re: The Garden » Current Events... » 19 weeks ago

It’s the modern feminist that’s really pushing me from the Dems.

Trump is equally retarded…the age and mental jabs don’t do a thing for me…they’re god dang a year and a half apart in age.

That argument won’t do shit for anyone undecided.

#8 Re: The Garden » The Wrestling thread » 20 weeks ago

AtariLegend wrote:

Cornette is someone who ran out off ideas decades ago.

His idea of wrestling was a disaster for both tna and roh.

Cornette booked an era of roh that had kenny omega, the young bucks, Kevin steen, sami zayn, Adam cole, briscoes, seth rollins, insert the name of 1/2 of aew and several of the feds biggest names.

It was completely unwatchable and probably it's lowest point in it's existence and yes that it includes today where it's basically just a ppv company c brand of aew.

Same with his run booking tna and his disastrous nwa stint (mlw thing is trivia pursuit).

He may be charismatic and say the thing you guys who grew up in 80s wrestling like, but his record managaing wrestling promotions is horrendous. He was a terrible booker with ideas that turned off audiences in multiple promotions.

His stchick now days is saying things he himself doesn't even believe including burying people and pretending he doesn't know who people are for clicks.

He's a living gimmick.

I think this is overly critical of Cornette. I disagree that he was a failure in roh. All those names you mentioned are a testimony in his favor. He always worked on a low budget and the goal of ROH was to teach and develop. As it still is….

TNA did itself absolutely no favors and to blame Cornette for that is disingenuous.

#9 Re: The Garden » Current Events... » 20 weeks ago

Why wouldn’t he? No one else is gaining any traction on either side other than the same 2.

Trumps been campaigning for 10 years straight it seems.

They’re both broken down pieces of meat. Trump just seems more viable to some for some strange reason.

#10 Re: The Garden » Current Events... » 21 weeks ago

As much as I hate to admit does seem like Trump is on a path to win again. I've always hated Trump...I actually think Biden has done an ok job...the thing that will take him down are these stupid social issues.

As a business owner, I can tell you the government is paying businesses to stay open...maybe that's what socialism is? If I were being honest, I'd say the economy isn't good...I do not know how we sustain this and all these other social issues very likely go by the wayside with enough people to vote for the economy over all sorts of other stuff.

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