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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » eye on you disc? » 36 weeks ago

A. I don't claim anything.

B. I don't believe there is another 'village disc'

C. I had no specific goals other than mild amusement.

I have yet to see one scintilla of evidence of this fabled 20th 'village CD'.. and honestly I think a large part of why people think it exists is because the # 19 just seems 'weird'. Show me actual evidence and I'll reevaluate my opinion.

Take the absolute randomness of all the songs on the 19 discs.. do you think for some reason disc 20 had all the 'good stuff'? like.. what would lead you to draw said conclusion WHEN COMPARED TO how the material was spread among the other 19 discs. Let's say there is a 20th disc.. for all we know its 10 mixes of "Quick Song".. see what I'm saying?

I swear this band and the antics within it and surrounding it cause people to just say "F it" when it comes to even the most remedial of critical thinking skills.. boggles the mind.

And I'll state, YET AGAIN - if I had something you didn't have.. you'd have it.. because I don't play those games.

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » eye on you disc? » 36 weeks ago

Sorry - one more clarification because I've got a lot going on this AM.

The original FB message as fwd'ed to me was exactly 4:00

the 4:03 is after it was screen recorded / uploaded.

I apologize for goofing that up - I just went and double checked (I do have a screenshot of the 4:00 message with identifying info removed if anyone REALLY needs to see it.)

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » eye on you disc? » 36 weeks ago

I'm not discounting for even a moment that it could be a remix, fan made, AI, some combo thereof.. I'm not an expert and don't claim to be on those matters - if I think its something unique and not an obvious fake, I share it and figure people will figure it out, regardless.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » eye on you disc? » 36 weeks ago

I'll even clue everyone in on how I acquired it since its not a big deal.

I had a facebook 'voicemail' message forwarded to me.. that message was 3:55 and was what you hear. I quickly realized you can't just download those directly.. so my genius other half spoke up as, well, she's a smart woman and said "Here I'll do it".. and grabs my phone, proceeds to screen record the audio from the message.. we upload it to the PC, convert it to mp3.. and then share it with others.

The person sending it to people on FB didn't, more than likely, even recognize that screen recording the message was an option.. oopsy!

So those additional seconds between the 4:03 (edited as I went back and checked the timing to make sure) of the actual audio and the file's audio length are literally due to my girl's timing between pressing the screen record then switching back to the fb messenger app and pressing play.. reverse that for the ending. I could have trimmed it out but it was late and I was PM'ing a couple people as I was going through the process and sent it to them as soon as I had it converted. So.. there's the reality.. the padding had dick all to do with 'how it was extracted from the CD'... just.. lolz.


#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » eye on you disc? » 36 weeks ago

So if this was 'shared around' days ago (not that I'm taking umbrage with the statement.. its very possible) - why wasn't it just shared for larger consumption at that point. This is what I mean by hoarding and playing clique games just leads to more chaos and confusion.. its like, omg.. you're keeping some amazing secret from what.. a couple hundred hardcore fans at most, at this point?

If its a remix, its a remix - like I said when I posted it, I dunno wtf it is - I just followed my rule of when I get something, share it - and let people figure it out from there.

The whole horsetrading of information and supposed clips / snippets and games of telephone are, honestly, why I seldom dive into this world any more - it just gets to be tedious. "well so and so said that so and so talked to so and so and that if they could get 7 seconds of the vocals from quick song maybe they'd be able to convince so and so to part with 11 seconds of that re-recorded version of Better" - like, seriously.. evaluate the sanity of that statement and those like it.. its the unreliable narrator concept, on steroids.


#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » eye on you disc? » 36 weeks ago

carlossacanell wrote:
The Void wrote:

Its fake its made by a guy on Youtube called BlackmountainThunder


I am 95%+ sure the file on Youtube was sourced from the file I uploaded.. there are certain indicators that tell me such, primarily the length is not the actual track length but includes the padding that I uploaded as well (Which I only included due to how I had to extract / get the file in a condition it could be uploaded because someone who thought they were being slick didn't realize that.. well.. other people are slicker, on occasion smile  )

#7 Guns N' Roses » "Eye On You".. a new leak of an old song but not that leak.. » 36 weeks ago

Replies: 16

So.. this theoretically is a new leak of an old song from an old recording but not that specific old recording that we're familiar of - this specifc one apparently comes from a new sighting of an old CDR.. gotta love the insanity that is GNR.

I know NO backstory on this - it found its way into my lap.. and like I have said 1000 times - if I get my hands on something, you will too - because I'm not a hoarding jackass.


#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » eye on you disc? » 36 weeks ago

I don't know about the disc except for what I've read but like I've said 100 times, if I get my hands on something, you will too. Quality isn't the best - this is how I found it. -

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » The General and Monsters » 36 weeks ago

Here's all I'm going to say on this matter as endlessly going back and forth is just.. honestly.. pointless.

A. If someone comes to me and says 'check out what I have' and proceeds to play less than quality recordings over a cell phone connection and suggests I can get more if I just pay.. well.. let's say I'm not quite feeling great about that vibe.

B. If what is suggested that they 'have' can't be independently verified by anyone else OUTSIDE of their circle then I have less faith in its 'realness'

C. I have actively misled and outright lied to hoarders and suspected hoarders because, along with it being against my personal philosophy - I find that they are easily worked / manipulated - ESPECIALLY when appealing to their greed.

D. If I ever have any songs / music in my possession, rest assured everyone else is gonna have it within minutes or hours - or in the worst case, a couple days - and the ONLY reason I'm 'holding it back' is to get individuals with other stuff to bring it to light - I have never and will never keep something on 'lockdown' - there's no logical purpose or reason for me to do so.

E. I NO LONGER have the contacts in the industry I used to have - I've made new ones, yes - just due to the nature of work and stuff I'm involved in - but gang.. I hate to break this to ya.. basically no one except us psychopaths cares about GNR when it comes to leaks, etc. Reality's a bitch.. but its just that.. reality.

F. Again, I had a busy weekend - that's why I didn't respond here.. not because I was dodging or avoiding anyone - it boils down to, pretty simply, I have a life, a business, a family (if you count a wonderful girl and two crazy-ass cats as a family) and all sorts of other things going on that make my time on forums less of a priority for me - I do keep up with the 'pulse' of what's going on with this clustefuck of a band - I continue to live my life and do my thing because life is WAY too enjoyable to get caught up in the minutia of chaos.

G. If anyone has more direct questions for me - just PM me here or find me on Discord or email or whatever.. I'd rather not clutter up a discussion thread with things that are, at best, ancillary to the discussion.

TL;DR - I don't have leaks - I'm not hoarding.. I lie to and openly manipulate hoarders (and plot them against each other at levels they're seldom aware of) - when something changes and I have something (If it does) you'll have it, too.

Last thing I'll say - One of the things I do for my income is play a fair amount of poker.. and I'm pretty decent at it.. There's a very valuable life lesson in poker. "Its possible to make all the correct decisions and still lose", yes, but to me the more important one is "Logic, math, and reality often crush the alternative"


#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » The General and Monsters » 37 weeks ago

Oh.. one more quick thing.. just to clarify, for the umpteenth time. I do NOT have any material in my possession that ya'll don't have. I feel like I have to make that same statement once every few months at least. I do not and never have 'hoarded' - I've never understood the mentality of it, myself - so.. yeah.

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