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Re: European Tour 2017 Thread

johndivney wrote:

Axl's putting his thoughts out there. You just don't like hearing or seeing it.

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Re: European Tour 2017 Thread

James wrote:
monkeychow wrote:

But whenever people say this i'm always left thinking "What about the artists in them?"

But that said....surely some artists like their music to be heard....that used to be part of the deal.....

Bands like Soundgarden want to create music even though there's little money to be made on actual sales. When Soundgarden reunited, the main point of the reunion was the legacy and building on it. They went all in on merch that had been lacking since the 90s, releasing a live album, digging treasure out of the vault, and of course new material.

Then you have a major act like U2 who release a new album every five years or so to keep things fresh.

Not all bands/artists are all about nostalgia even if a huge chunk of their base is interested in that.

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Re: European Tour 2017 Thread

TheMole wrote:

Is saw them here in Belgium a couple of weeks ago. It was fun seeing Axl, Slash and Duff together for the first time, but the show was decidedly mediocre and I felt apathetic to most of it. Axl was pitchy and decidedly "clean" sounding for most of it, no power in his voice, and Slash was sloppy and boring in his solo spots. There was just no magic there, and the band didn't seem to be enjoying it any more than I was.

I think the story of this band has mostly been told and we're in the boring ending chapters that just keep on dragging out (kinda like the third LoTR movie). And though that story started out fresh; full of venom, anger and artistic enthusiasm; it just kinda fizzled out in the end.

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