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Re: Steven Adler Reddit AMA

Axlin16 wrote:
johndivney wrote:

SG is correct with both his posts.
There are no "very good reasons" why they haven't recorded: again SG is right, it's sad(!) the direction Axl has chosen. The only reason is because Axl doesn't want to, he's happy milking the touring machine for as long as he can be bothered, until his greed will be satisfied.
+ Axl's been neutered, TB have him anaesthetised with whatever meds they've been pumping into him the past 15 years.
These Axl apologists get right up my nose. The guy has spent his entire career ripping off his fans & acting in his own interests & people are fuckin stupid enough to think this is a good thing & to be grateful to breathe the same air as that asshole, like he's gonna descend from the sky & empower them to be even bigger dickheads than they already are.
Axlin is absolutely full of long winded nonsensical bullshit. As per usual. Talking out of his fat ass.

Keep taking that murderous EU cock up your ass John. Do you masturbate when you look at dead Muslim children? Is that your thing?

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Re: Steven Adler Reddit AMA

Axlin16 wrote:

In hindsight, I was buzzed that night, and pissed at Steven, and just let it fly. I was probably a bit more brutal on him than he deserved, but I don't really regret what I said. The older I get, the more and more black and white I would get (my mother is this way, and warned me about growing older, lol). There's truth, and that's universal. Now in Steven's case, and GNR's i'm sure there's multiple versions, ala Duff, but at the same time, Steven fixing this obstacle in his life is about his personal change, and not the band's.

He continues to complain about an immovable obstacle. I just don't get people who are this way.

It'd be like me walking outside in the Western U.S., and going "hey this whole area is beautiful. But you know what would make it look better? Moving the Rockies Mountains out of the way. From British Columbia to New Mexico. All of them. It'd look so much better, and we could built shit n' everything."

Does anybody think that's happening anytime... ever? No. Of course not. But instead of accepting that state of natural law, or whatever you'd call it, I'm gonna do every fucking interview with Mitch Lafon or Eddie Trunk or whoever and make that statement again and again and again, until I am using a spoon and a needle and contemplating suicide, because those mountain are still there, despite my complaints.

There are ways to fix Steve's problem, but he just flat out refuses to, and it gets irritating. He claims he's not upset, and it's all love, but it's not, because if it was, he would've never brought it up.

Eddie and others always claim, "I love Steve, 'cause he just tells it like it is". No he doesn't. He tells it like it is, from the perspective -- of SOME. The reality is GN'R are doing just fine with Frank, and guess what? I'd be the first to tell you Frank could be gone tomorrow, and Josh Freese back there or Brain or Eric Singer or Tommy Aldridge, and absolutely nothing would change. GN'R would still be playing shows successfully. That's the reality.

I was also the first person when they were barely getting back with 4,000 people in 20,000 venues that a reunion or retirement was inevitable. The DJ/Ron-version couldn't last forever without some form of change taking place, whether they become a theater act or start doing 80s dick cheese hair festivals.

Axl chose to reunite, and that decision let to this outcome. It's immovable. The timeline and continuity was altered from that. And Steve, who was there, is still saying the same stuff he was saying prior to the reunion. You have to deal with things how they ARE. Not how you WANT them to be.

But I digress

SmokingGuns wrote:

Well, let's assume you are right about Adler...  fine

But Matt Sorum AND Brent Fitz are light years better at drums than Frank. Frank is very average behind the kid. And based off talent alone and finding a groove, Adler is also superior to Frank. Frank is more reliable than Adler maybe. But he is reliably average. Sorum should be the drummer. All that said, I saw GNR 3 times in 2016. Frank didn't ruin it for me. So it didn't matter too much.

Nothing of what you said he means anything other than to you.

I actually agree with you in principle.

But it changes nothing. In 2000 fucking 17 Frank Ferrer is on drums. I don't give a damn that's he even there, because GN'R isn't about him. Axl, Slash & Duff universally made that decision. They also didn't mind fucking Izzy & Dizzy to do it. It is what it is. Izzy refused. Dizzy didn't. They made their choices.

GN'R is still out there touring while you and Steven sit at the house. It didn't change anything, and Steven screwed himself.

Now is Steven was like Paul D'Anno, or that original drummer (forget his name) for Iron Maiden, and they were just kicked out for no reason. I'd wholeheartedly agree with your assessment SG.

And if you ever agree with that limey moron John Divney again, i'll hunt you down and revoke your southerner card myself.

Intercourse wrote:

I look at this a different way....

What would have been the purest and most fan orientated way to do this tour?

Answer: Bring Stephen, Izzy and Matt along. Celebrate the messy history of the band and play great gigs together to say thanks and celebrate the fact that millions of dollars are still being made by all.
It would have been true to history, a fan pleaser, good for karma etc.

Instead, Axl wanted to justify his CD band, just like he wanted to do at the RNRHOF.

Axl won this war; he still owns this band and he has the A list alumni back on his own terms.
In fact, he's done such a great job it would appear that Duff and Slash are enforcing his terms on guys like Stephen.

Well done Axl!!



Oh God THIS.

Intercourse got it. Totally got it (as did others). It's amazing to me how people still think this is about who they prefer. The Steven Adler thing has become for GN'R, what the George Lynch thing is for Dokken. People drone on and on and on about Lynch and Don Dokken, and Dokken sucks and yada yada yada, when Jon Levin has been in the band for over a decade, plays better, and is never leaving. Move on. And yet Dokken's drummer, who talks shit (like Steven), stays in the band with Don, despite how "horrible" it is.


The day Slash & Duff walked in the door, and started rehearsing to rejoin GN'R, was the day W. Axl Rose gave his inaugural speech and started doing victory rallies across America.

As a matter of fact, he got 50,000 people a night, each city sucking his dick. Including Slash & Duff.

It's over. This is it. GN'R is a machine featuring Axl, Slash & Duff now. I state my point again... Steven should thank his lucky stars he was even allowed to be there. They played the exact same setlists without him -- and no -- one -- noticed.

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Re: Steven Adler Reddit AMA

Axlin16 wrote:
Smoking Guns wrote:

Only Slash really wanted Adler there. And Duff was indifferent. So the only reason Adler was there at all in my mind was Slash.

Yet when I say that, i'm full of shit, eh?

Re: Steven Adler Reddit AMA

johndivney wrote:
Axlin16 wrote:

A load of idiotic shite


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Re: Steven Adler Reddit AMA

Neemo wrote:
Axlin16 wrote:

Is that your thing?

Completely uncalled for remarks Axlin ... I'm sure there could've been a million better ways to retort than a "racist murdering pedophile" accusation

Keep it civil

Its fucking ridiculous that I would even need to watch out for this kind of garbage

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Re: Steven Adler Reddit AMA

James wrote:

I look at this a different way....

What would have been the purest and most fan orientated way to do this tour?

Answer: Bring Stephen, Izzy and Matt along. Celebrate the messy history of the band and play great gigs together to say thanks and celebrate the fact that millions of dollars are still being made by all.
It would have been true to history, a fan pleaser, good for karma etc.

IN fantasy land....sounds like perfection.

In reality? It could last one show. Just like how Metallica did a few years back for their anniversary show. Have a three hour set with Izzy, Sorum, Bucket, etc.

Anything more than that and you're risking implosion of the entire thing.

I miss Izzy like any hardcore but as long as this lineup will move forward(new music), I am fine with it being the final lineup.

I now think Adler is permanently gone. You just don't cook your own goose like that publicly. I feel for him...I really do....but its over.

GN'R is a machine featuring Axl, Slash & Duff now. the Stones. Anyone give a fuck who's playing bass with them and could they name him with a shotgun down their throat and life depends on it? Of course not.

In an interview with Eddie Trunk this past week, he says he only rehearsed twice and it was only with Slash and Duff:

18  Wow. That's a game changer in the Adler story.

He definitely wasn't being considered for anything beyond what they gave him. IMO once Izzy bailed from the equation early on, Adler was a total liability and useless in the grand offense to him.

They may have even hoped he would bail on his own seeing the situation(only S & D) but he wanted it so bad he was willing to take anything they'd give him.

"The fans want the original 5"


I agree with this now. Had it happened 10 or 20 years ago? Yes there would be chants and media beggin for it. In this era? Nope. All you need is Axl, Slash, and Duff, bust out Jungle, PC, SCOM, NR, and maybe a new single if it happens and if/when it charts, and the casual fans(99.9% of the audience) goes home happy.

All the people posting selfies from the show on twitter, instagram,etc. don't give a damn who is in the lineup or how many deep cuts get played. Just give em a show as GNR so they can say they saw GNR.

Frank and Melissa are the weak spots of the band.

Opinions vary on Frank but he's not a deal breaker either way. He gets the job done...thats all that matters.

Melissa is not a weak spot. In fact, her potential is being wasted. A hot female member of GNR? That's an avenue of promotion being squandered right there. She could also be marketed to the young generation. Having said that, it all boils down to the fact that the rest of the lineup isn't important to push the machine.

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