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A Private Eye
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Re: New Tour Dates Added

So this is cool...

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Re: New Tour Dates Added

LocoComa wrote:

Pretty awesome. Axl actually sounded pretty decent there on PC for once. 9

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Re: New Tour Dates Added

bigbri wrote:

Very cool!

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Re: New Tour Dates Added

James wrote:

At the last second a friend and I decided to go. We chose Oakland over Sac. He has some friends in the bay area so we chose that one and hung out with them earlier in the day.

I gotta say....the way I don't bother watching any concerts on youtube(title track the main exception) really works wonders. I was completely blown away and the supposed "stale" set list isn't so stale when you're actually there. I didn't see or hear any problems. Axl sounds great, the band is on fire...what more can you possibly want out of a show?

I know one thing I could want out of a show......better crowds. I know I've complained about this for years but this was my first concert in a very long time. It's worse now than its ever been. I was one of the only people not recording the show and even my friend whipped out his cell phone for a couple songs. Hetfield has bitched about this and if it wouldn't cause a backlash.....I'm sure there's a good Axl rant just begging to come out.

I didn't think the show was ever going to end. Since I don't follow each show I didn't have much of a clue as to the order of songs or even how long they'd go on. One we got to Madagascar I realized it was being wrapped up. I told my friend, "PC next. Want to hit the road?" 16 Obviously it wasn't next. Still had a few more songs.

They offer a shit ton of bang for the buck. It's a smorgasbord. I don't see how any person could go to this show and have a complaint afterwards.

I know one thing.....I about shit my pants when prostitute was played. Literally. I wasn't expecting that at all. I never liked this song and they didn't change my mind but I like surprises like that.

Sweet Melissa?? When did they start playing this?


Black Hole Sun

There's no "lowlights" though. The whole discog is represented...hell....they played like half of CD.  Only thing missing is a new song and the covers fill this gap to an extent and besides...the audience isn't there for a new song.

Call me crazy but the show was almost too long. 16 They could easily take the lazy route and cut out 8-10 songs. The crowd would walk away just as happy. Crowds are even more casual now than they used to be and a lot of the deep cuts that hardcores love aren't even necessary. I know people like to say its just a cash grab....and maybe it is....but they go above and beyond the call of duty. You have to give credit where its due.

Killer show...ALMOST as good as 91.....but its one and done for me. Hell...I'm gonna have to skip the Bucket show next month as I'm not going to risk any more ear damage this year. Other than Metallica or Fleetwood Mac's upcoming retirement tour, this might have been my last concert.

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Re: New Tour Dates Added

FlashFlood wrote:

Glad you got to go. Quite an experience.

I feel like they could drop one of the illusions ballads. They play Estranged, Civil War, November Rain every show and each is 8 minutes plus. Hell cut one of then and give me Perfect Crime and Dust N Bones anyday.

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Re: New Tour Dates Added

apex-twin wrote:
Happy band, look at Axl at the very end.

Goes to show how high-maintenance Axl is. All's good if he gets his way on the broad strokes and S&D are around to lead the band around him. That's the narrow margin in which he excels.

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Re: New Tour Dates Added

monkeychow wrote:
James Lofton wrote:

Axl sounds great, the band is on fire...what more can you possibly want out of a show?

Matt Sorum 19 16

James Lofton wrote:

Call me crazy but the show was almost too long.

Yeah I thought that too.

It seems kinda counter-intuitive though to think we should get less for our bucks. But it's a long night there. I think it's partly that there's a LOT of ballads - like NR, Estranged, KOHD (extended version), often Prostitute or Twat, Patience, Layla Outro, Wish you were here,  - all songs we love but it's a lot of slow numbers in close succession.

Having been to the show and watched a ton of boots, my opinion is that the first half of the show is a lot more dynamic - like the first 5-6 songs kill every night. Fucking awesome stuff. But then the last half does drag a bit. Obviously fans are going to want NR and that kinda stuff kept - but I'd maybe space it out a bit different so there's some more rocky stuff in the second half. There's PC and Nighttrain but the rest of them are slow as fuck like Witchapotoa Lineman or whatever 16

Still that's a minor complaint over all.

My opinion is these shows are great when Axl has been having a good night. The raspy ones are fucking epic. The mickey nights not as much.

My only real malfunction is that it was a wasted opportunity not to do a comeback single or record. I know they didn't need to financially. But most other bands did. It would have given the band new life.

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Re: New Tour Dates Added

FlashFlood wrote:

The last show of this leg will be streamed live this Wednesday on Sirius. Channel 25 Classic Rewind this time. 10:30 EST. … nrlive2017

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Re: New Tour Dates Added

I'm glad Axl, Slash, and Duff are having a ball. Looks like it is a good time.

Also, kind of bummed no new music or effort in that regards.

Like you reunite the band for what the pay day? It's been a year plus and nothing.

It isn't hard to lay down tracks.

Again, happy Axl is having fun and looking good.

But, I don't understand the nostalgia act. It is very Beach Boys to be touring and not releasing an album. And even they released a new album on their last reunion. So make that 80s Beach Boys.

A greatest hits band doesn't interest me. And yeah oh there isn't that much money in making records blah blah blah. I think the creative process is key. You don't waste talent like Duff and Slash. You stop in to studios on the road or record on the bus or something. If it is the record label, well fucking just release shit and get out of the contract. Or you know threaten to go bankrupt in order to get out of the deal Tom Petty styles.

Again, not slamming it completely but, get some tunes out there.

I can't understand why they aren't doing the Super Bowl. They could have an album ready, and all that god damn promotion and do a tour. Obviously too late now as the act is booked.

Anyways, maybe Axl doesn't want the throne back. He truly is one of the last big frontman rock n' rollers. That have that special creative juice.

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Re: New Tour Dates Added

FlashFlood wrote:

NFL and the Networks would never ever book GnR. Too much risk and frankly the pop acts are a better TV ratings draw which the Super Bowl halftime is all about.

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