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Re: guns n roses record label situation

PaSnow wrote:

I say Rick Rubin. Change it up massively. I know he sorta is known for cliche comeback/crossover albums for artists needing it, but why not. We're not going to get AFD, or UYI anymore. Let's get someone in there to push them into a new direction or another level.

But, we could go on & on about producers, heck, we've likely done so with CD, Contraband & Libertad on these boards multiple times.

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Re: guns n roses record label situation

misterID wrote:

Page 6

Axl Rose and Bill Murray partied in the same place after their Manhattan concerts on Monday.

Rose, 55, was at the new Fifteen Stories rooftop lounge at Mondrian Park Avenue after Guns N’ Roses’ Madison Square Garden show, “surrounded by women,” a spy said. Rose was overheard telling pals that “he and Slash are ‘getting along great’ and having so much fun rocking all of their old stuff and putting together some new stuff,” the spy said. “And that once he and Slash got past ‘stubbornness’ and talked to each other, everything became cool again really quickly, and reuniting was a simple decision after that.”

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Re: guns n roses record label situation

metallex78 wrote:

Rick Rubin was brought in for the Libertad sessions, and he told them to keep writing and working to get better material, and soon he was ditched for Brendan O’Brien.

I’d steer clear of both those guys.
If Brendan can’t even capture proper guitar sounds from the almighty Slash in VR, he should stay the hell away from a new Guns album.

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Re: guns n roses record label situation

apex-twin wrote:

Yeah, I always wondered why Slash's guitar was buried in the mix on the VR albums. They sounded a lot better live, as he was given more room.

O'Brien I always felt was a Weiland addition, as they'd worked together in STP. Libertad was a labourious album. Anyone remember the 'concept' plans? Think Slash was the most vehemently against it, as he just wanted to do a straight-up rock album and tour behind it, whereas Scott was seemingly getting into Axl territory with his grand schemes.

All n' all, I've always felt the production style on both VR albums (low lead gtr) was an attempt to downplay Guns comparisons and was, in my opinion, instigated by Scott. Mind you, he balked at the early demos written with Izzy. Guess the idea of filling Axl's shoes was daunting for him and the albums suffered in consequence.

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Re: guns n roses record label situation

Very interesting article here on how album sales work these days: … aming-era/

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Re: guns n roses record label situation

So, per the article above, there's now a massive incentive for artists to produce longer albums as album sales are counted based on how many (and how often) individual songs are streamed. Chris Brown's new album is 45 tracks long. I wonder if Axl could just dump everything from the vault in one go and call it a new album?

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