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Cerulean wind
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Re: Rough Mixes - two years ago...

I'm listening to this again.

Man, I can't believe how good are those albums.

Listening to RM#2 right now. What an awesome album.

I'm still wondering... how it sounds the guitar on "PRL"? Is really "Moustache" = "Light My Fire"? What about "Thyme" at the beggining of "PRL"? "Zodiac" and "Quick Song" really had some vocals after 2005? What about "Tonto" named by xxx in 2011?

And I'm even not talking about RM#3 and #4... Are there any Rough Mixes #5 or #6? With "This I Love", "Oh My God", "Lies They Tell", "Rebel", etc?

Who knows. Rick, please, leak some albums now.


"I'm Sorry"!!!! It's freakin' killer! Geeezzzzz... And Axl almost has shelved all this great tunes for YEARS.

What a poor soul. And what a great mind.

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