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A Private Eye
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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

metallex78 wrote:

London night one was a shortened set due to sound issues and starting late.

London night 2 was even shorter, (though still 18 songs), reportedly because Axl says he was having issues with his voice.
He sang most of the show in lower register, which for the most part sounded pretty good according to those that were there.

And there are varying reports about Axl having some anxiety issues due to his vocal problems etc.

I’m curious to see how this plays out….

I guess we’ll find out at the next show.

I was at the show last night. Yeah he was generally in the lower register most of the night. It worked though, didn’t notice too much at the time. A few of the videos I took when watching this morning you could hear he was quite pitchy which I guess the live crowd masked a fair bit.

Have mixed feelings overall, bit gutted after a 3 year wait that some of the staples were cut (no RQ, NR or YCBM) but equally kudos for playing when sick, it can’t be easy. Got the feeling it was maybe close to being cancelled. I also wonder if that was why there was such a delay getting in to the venue the night before. If there was a risk of it being cancelled maybe that’s why they weren’t letting people in.

So all in all a bit of a shame but can’t be helped and was still a good show. In some ways I think the enforced changes perhaps helped the show. It felt really tight and punchy. I’d never criticise for the usual 3 hours they do but it did sometimes make the shows a bit meandery in parts. At 2 hours last night there was none of that.

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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

Axl had to sing in his lower register last night, and it sounded a lot better.

Honestly I don't know why they don't just tune down a half step the whole time anyway, but this is perfectly reasonable and gets rid of the Mickey Mouse issue. Plus you've got Melissa to carry the high vocal line in the backing vocals.

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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

Hope he's not feeling that anxious. axl

After all, he's still kicking it and singing and what 60?

That's cool man.

I know people mention the Mickey Mouse thing, but, I'll take Mickey any day over no Axl.

The real fans want an album, and proper management. That's all.

I think Ax, still has topics to talk about music wise. I mean looking at his twitter he is left on the spectrum and sees the fucked up things in the US and the world.

Hopefully, Axl gets that he has the talent to do whatever he wants. He's a hard rocking Brian Wilson, is the way I've always seen it.

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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

vipicius wrote:

I haven't seen other songs from yesterday, but Nightrain with lower register was really good. Better than mickey, who was very weak in these last shows.

Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

Sky Dog wrote:

I’m with Sundance. We are better off with some Axl instead of no Axl. I gotta think these guys can give us one last gem…one last Coma or Estanged. One tune that can let us old timers die in peace. We know it’s sitting in a vault somewhere….

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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

vipicius wrote:

I haven't seen other songs from yesterday, but Nightrain with lower register was really good. Better than mickey, who was very weak in these last shows.

The irony is, allegedly the reason they were late on was Axl was apparently having anxiety issues over his voice going. But he sounds ten times better in the lower register! I'll take low growly Axl over the "right" notes in a Mickey voice any day. Either stick with this, or take the songs and transpose them to a lower key so he can sing the "old" vocal lines.

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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

Here's Civil War, where he switches over to the lower register halfway through:

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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

misterID wrote:

Elton John changed his vocal style to a lower range. It can be done.

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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

You're Crazy:

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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

James wrote:

Yeah if the touring machine is going to be a long term's time for a change.

While he won't be able to do it to such an extent, he may need to go into Jagger mode where you basically just talk the songs.

I've said this ever since going to the show five years ago....

It's too long. The set list is in dire need of fat trimming. It's honorable that they go above and beyond the call of duty and give such lengthy shows but it's completely unnecessary in today's world.

Nobody but extreme hardcores want it and very few of them are interested.

A casual crowd...which describes 99.9% of the audience....only wants to hear the various hits, a couple deep cuts, and whatever new song is on the charts.

It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone

Reckless Life or Move to the City

Civil War
So Fine or Duff TSI song

Chinese Democracy
Hard School or Absurd
New song

That's it. Period.

Have a bunch of deep cuts as alternates

Trims an hour off the show each night. It makes a nice and tight set sending fans home happy and also saves his voice.

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