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Re: Slash/Chester Bennington "Crazy"

I trawled through like 10 pages of this forum and I can't find the original post, but it looks like there was a (small) update on that Slash/Chester Bennington unreleased track "Crazy" over on a Linkin Park forum, back in April: … ennington/

The version we all heard on WHYS Radio last year was a demo with programmed bass and drums done by Chris himself. He is currently in the studio with Matt Starr (of Ace Frehley) and Robert DeLeo (Chester's former bandmate from Stone Temple Pilots) to record live instruments for the song. Slash's guitar parts and Chester's vocals will remain the same in the final version.

There's no release date for the song yet, but they already have Slash's blessing to release it. Once the song is finished, it will be sent to Talinda for her approval. Chris wants to release it as soon as possible.

Here's the original clip:

Wish they'd hurry up and release it, I've been wanting to hear it for ages.

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Re: Slash/Chester Bennington "Crazy"

monkeychow wrote:

It's cool but it's hard to know what I'd make of it if I heard it raw as I'm so familiar with Dr Alibi from the eponymous album at this stage that I just automatically sing that in my mind while listening to it.

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