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Re: The General and Monsters

mitchejw wrote: still the word...

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Re: The General and Monsters

sp1at wrote:

From a recent Loudwire interview with Slash

"I'm going into the studio with the Conspirators, getting a new record done and then after that, 2025 is all about Guns N' Roses," he said.

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Re: The General and Monsters

James wrote:
Tortilla_Man wrote:

Is a New Single
with "Monsters" on it
coming very soon?

The GN'R website has a New 2024 Nightrain Mystery Merch package announced as "coming soon",
and the only picture on the page is the Yellow Bullet Logo from "The General'" artwork

The General & Monsters
         7" Vinyl ????

It's more than likely going to be them unloading all the unsold singles on the fan club members to get rid of them just like they did with Hard School.

I don't think it's a long shot.

Everything but touring is a long shot...

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