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Re: Overall feelings on the CD era songs....

Eclipsed107 wrote:

Madagascar, There Was A Time and Better are all masterpieces to me, that rank up there with some of the top Gn'R songs of all time...

..everything else on the other hand has ranged from good to bland.  I hear songs like If The World and Catcher In The Rye and I wonder to myself "This is what I've been waiting 10 years for?".

I have faith that Chinese Democracy is going to be a good album, but now that we've heard 11 songs (Silk Worms included) I just feel like it's not going to be as great as an album as we deserve for how long we had to wait.

Again though, Madagascar, TWAT and Better are all fantastic songs that I can listen to over and over again, some of the best songs I've ever heard IMHO... these three songs give me hope, it's just the other 8 that leave me worried.

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Re: Overall feelings on the CD era songs....

Major wrote:

I think that Catcher is great.

Unknown song is really good, I dig that so much. The build up is phenomenal.

CD of course is a masterpiece. 

I think if the tracks are like Catcher, Unknown Song and CD. The album will be good.

The other leaks are ok.

Remember this is all subjective.

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Re: Overall feelings on the CD era songs....

TheMole wrote:

Had a while to think about all this, listen to the songs a couple more times...

I'm not going to like CD. At all...
I'm very disappointed that I'm about to say this, but I really can't bring myself to liking this.
I tried... hard... but I can't.

I mean, I've got to be honest with myself, if you start listing the words that I (and others) have used to describe these songs, it does not paint a pretty picture: noncohesive, uninspired, overproduced, bland, boring, generic, messy, overly complex, not organic, doesn't do it for me, ...

Bono was right: it's not a good sign if everyone has their own few favorites. There are no classics in the mix; sure you can like some (even a lot) of these songs, that's personal opinion. But that doesn't make them classics. E.g. I absolutely love Chantal Kreviazuk's version of "Leaving on a Jetplane"... absolutely brilliant rendition, imho. But obviously not a classic.

He should've dropped the name. Like Chris Cornell, who was brilliant in Soundgarden and excellent in Audioslave but makes boring music as a solo artist. And I knew that was a possibility, 'cause he wasn't claiming to be the sole important member of any of those bands. And thus, I can accept his solo record for what it is. Axl wanted to keep the name, he should have delivered some real good GNR-type music. He didn't, so he failed.

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Re: Overall feelings on the CD era songs....

James wrote:

While I disagree with most of that post, I definitely respect the honest opinion which you knew could bring some heat.

Saying your not gonna like CD "at all" is a pretty bold statement though.


We've known what this record was shaping up like since 2001. If you had no love of any of those songs, what kept you "waiting"? Had I hated the CD songs when they were first performed in 2001, I probably never would have joined a GNR site until a reunion happened. I'm not saying you cant post on GNR sites if you hate new material, I'm just a bit surprised that you have now reached the conclusion that you're not going to like the record when you've known for years what it was going to sound like.

Were you hoping that all the hype was gonna somehow create a track out of this world? I agree it doesn't live up to the hype, but nothing can. You have to accept the material for what it is. Clearly way too much time was spent on this. I fucking love Riyadh, yet BH probably wrote that in an hour and the song is now seven years old.

Valid points about Cornell, but Axl and Cornell are extreme opposites.

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Re: Overall feelings on the CD era songs....

monkeychow wrote:

I find the mix of opinions on this album facinating.

Like I found "Catcher" to be quite inspirational yet its a disapointment to Eclipsed107. Likewise James seems heavily into Rhiad and although I don't detest it and can see some cool guitar going on....i find its structure unplesent to the its kind of the weakest of the leaks to me.

I've read of people that hate Madagascar, whereas to me that song was classic right from when I heard  the first verse. Major sees the title track CD as a 'masterpiece' whereas I enjoy it but think its far inferior to at least 4 or 5 of the other songs.

Nemo hates axl's untra high vocals...yet that seems to be the parts of the song's that make me feel Axl's emotion the strogest and end up being my favourite bits.

It's kinda insane how we all disagree on stuff, but that's also what makes it interesting to read an uncensored site like this.

The disagreement reminds me of UYI as well. Everytime it comes up in a thread people refer to it as having too much 'filler' yet the resulting debates always show that one person's filler is another's masterpiece, and the best tracks to some people are the "always skips" to another.

I feel this is the same. Most people like a few of the leaks, but which ones they like varies a lot.

Axl S
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Re: Overall feelings on the CD era songs....

Axl S wrote:

There's one problem with these songs so far. They're all for the most part good and above average but none of them are one thing. A hit. None are something that instantly grabs you like a big hit song. I know GN'R haven't had one since AFD but if CD is to do well it needs a hit.

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Re: Overall feelings on the CD era songs....

bazgnr wrote:

I disagree.  I think both "Better" and "Chinese Democracy" would do well as singles, especially "Better."  It all comes down to opinion at this point, as I'm sincerely hoping the album is done.

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Re: Overall feelings on the CD era songs....

DCK wrote:

Some of the opinions and discussions are now opening up as I said they would way back in 01-02-03. A large part of the fanbase won't dig this at all. The hype has been so huge nothing can top it. It's still just only music and this is a bit on the experimental side as well. I've heard the songs since 2001 as all of you and I didn't find any hit material there, although Axl said he was holding back his big guns so that's what I trusted in. Don't get me wrong, I love some of the new material, but CD or Blues ain't hit singles. Better is close to it but it doesn't smack you in the face. Especially if you expected Jungle.

Sometimes these songs sounds a bit too much copy and pasted togheter. Sort of like a troubled mind not sure what he's making and just blending togheter a song which in the end just sounds like a mess. TWAT, brilliant as it is, have some of those aspects to it. Better especially got it. It's like they're not sure what approach to make and then just mix everything in. It also reminds me a bit of how we did our college papers in groups. We decided on a topic and went home seperately and wrote our part of it and then pasted it all togheter in the end. Usually it was a mess of a paper IMO.

I hope this is not the case, but apart of me is a tad scared from the last demos I've heard, even though I love them.

Smoking Guns
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Re: Overall feelings on the CD era songs....

Smoking Guns wrote:

Right now they don't have a single that could be Slither.  They don't have one straight ahead hard rocker.  And if CD is that rocker, it comes up short even though I like the song. Better is a damn good tune, but its all over the map to be considered a PURE rocker.  Its more of an epic rocker.  This isn't riff based rock anymore.  That is my main beef.  The songs sound tired and dated as well.  No fresh sounds.  And that is fine, but like Bono said, the lack of direction kills me.  Sometimes Less is more.  We need a stripped down version of this album like when the Beatles released Let It Be Naked.  Some of these guitar solos are fucking sick.  Axl's lyrics are awesome.  Some of his vocals are sensational.  Some of his vocals are a mess.  The songs DON'T stick in my head at all.  Its hard to remember the chorus except to Madagascar and IRS which are toooo repetitive.  The album will sell well for 2 weeks then TANK if this is indicitive of the whole thing.  This album has NO IDENTITY what so ever.   This material beats out some of that on UYI like My World and Shotgun Blues... after that, not many songs these could beat straight up.  I think Better is this albums "Don't Damn Me."  I love Don't Damn Me, sot that's cool with me.  Like Bono, I like song #2 and #3....  But even those are just slightly off.  Like its on fence of being great of average...  Unlike Breakdown, those two just don't get there.

I now too support the Idea this be released at the Axl Rose Band, hire Mike Clink, and do a new album GNR style. 

I feel like this album is a dead horse the UYI song describes perfectly what is going on.

Axl S
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Re: Overall feelings on the CD era songs....

Axl S wrote:

Exactly while I personally feel these songs are all great none are a straight rock hit. And without one of those or at least one with a riff that hooks you this is one big flop.

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