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Re: Doug Goldstein - March 1991 - 2002

Aussie wrote:


Born in 1961 Doug Golstein is an ex-policeman's son and studied law at NAU.  Doug worked with events security and in 1984 he was the chief security recruiter for the Olympic Games.  He was a former security guard for Air Supply and also worked with other bands such as Van Halen, David Lee Roth Black Sabbath and Heat.  He joined the G N' R camp as tour manager in 1987 when he was hired by Alan Niven and his company Stravinski Brothers. 

Once Niven was fired in 1991 Goldstein took over management of the band. Goldstein operated Big F.D. Entertainment in Newport Beach, California. Besides Axl, BFD's clients included Chris Perez, Selena's widower, and the metal band Jack Off Jill, although mostly Goldstein concentrated on Axl. "If Axl says, `Jump,' he says, `Fine,' " says a music-industry source. "If he's in the air, he says, `How much higher?"'

In April 2001 Sanctuary continued its expansion in the United States music market with the announcement that rock superstars Guns N' Roses and their long time manager, Doug Goldstein, were to join the Group. Goldstein become Co-President of Sanctuary Music Management based at the company's new Los Angeles offices.

Sanctuary Group North America CEO Merck Mercuriadis commented at the time on the expansion:
"We have been a market leader Internationally for more than twenty years with a reputation for combining artistic integrity with commercial success. The growth of our business in the US, the world's largest music market, at a time when demand for quality management, particularly at 'superstar' level, is at an all time high is a serious proposition for us. Our aim is to create an environment via our New York, London and now LA offices that every career artist wants to be a part of. We are delighted that Doug is on board to ensure we achieve our ambitions."

Doug Goldstein commented:
"Sanctuary is unique in that it offers a truly global service and expertise that cannot be found anywhere else. I have known Sanctuary founders Rod Smallwood and Andy Taylor for over 15 years and the resources and infrastructure that they and Merck Mercuriadis have afforded me including the record labels, publishing, recording studios, business management and booking agency allow me to provide a service for our artists that cannot be matched."

Andy Taylor, Chief Executive of Sanctuary Group, said:
"The USA is a priority market for Sanctuary Group in terms of our strategic development and what better way to mark our progress than with the addition of Doug Goldstein who brings with him the legendary Guns N' Roses to our artist management roster."

In June 2001 the following statement was released:
"Contrary to the popular rumor, Axl Rose has not fired manager Doug Goldstein of Big F.D., although they are 'taking a break from each other.' According to Goldstein, no legal steps have been taken to dissolve their relationship. He admits that the pair did have (yet another) falling-out over touring issues."

In November 2001 Doug Goldstein issued the following statement where he effectively took the blame for the cancelled European tour:
GUNS N' ROSES have postponed their European tour for a second time.
The shows, which have already been pulled once due to "internal haemorrhaging" sustained by guitarist BUCKETHEAD, will now not take place as planned in December.

A statement issued by band manager Doug Goldstein blames the delay to the long-awaited album 'Chinese Democracy' following the guitarist's illness as one of the reasons for the second postponement.

The statement reads: "To ensure Guns N' Roses fans get the album they deserve, Axl Rose has spent every waking minute of everyday during the past 5 years writing, recording, and producing Guns first album of all new material since 1991. Following the euphoria of Rock in Rio, I jumped the gun and arranged a European tour as our plan was to have the new album out this year.

"Unfortunately, Buckethead's illness not only stopped the tour but it also slowed down progress on 'Chinese Democracy'. As a result, touring right now is logistically impossible. I am very sorry to disappoint our fans but I can assure them that this is not what Axl wanted nor is it 'Another page from the Howard Hughes of rock' as some of the media will no doubt portray it. I made a plan and unfortunately it did not work out.

"The good news is that everyone is ecstatic with the album and we will be meeting with our label to schedule its release following which we will announce the rescheduled tour dates to coincide. Guns N' Roses look forward to seeing everybody next year and once again please accept my apologies for the way this has played out."

The UK shows were due to take place at:
London Docklands Arena (December 13-14)
Glasgow SECC (16)
Manchester Evening News Arena (18)
Birmingham NEC (19)

It's unclear when exactly Doug stopped managing GN'R.  He was still present during the bands rescheduled 2002 European tour as evidenced by Goldstein's letter to NME on 29th August 2002:
I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know about the "behind the scenes" events at Leeds regarding GN'R. From the first band all the way through the day, the set changes kept getting longer and longer. Prodigy was supposed to go on until 9.30pm, but didn't end up leaving the stage until 10.10pm.

This letter is not to make excuses for Gn'R taking time to get to the stage. We had out normal 45-minute set change. This letter is to thank one man. Festival organiser Melvin Been. He risked going to jail - and they were not idle threats from the local authorities - if he did not shut down the show. Myself and my partner Merck, and our production manager were in his office during the GN'R set, and I saw this man, who had been a gentleman to us from the inception of our committing to play the event, in great emotional turmoil and unrest. He faced the very real threat for being prosecuted, and the very real possibility of losing any future chance of ever having another Leeds festival. He also knew that if we shut down the show, the fans would most likely riot, and another rock'n'roll tragedy would be the headlines today.

Readers, if you enjoyed the festival as much as I did, I urge you to do what you can to keep Leeds alive. The whole event was one of the best bills I've bee involved in. And to Melvin, thank you for making the choice you did. You took a huge personal risk to make sure your fans were firstly safe, and entertained. Thank You.

Doug Goldstein, Co-President
Sanctuary North America,
Management Division

It appears that sometime after the rescheduled 2002 tour Goldstein most likely finally parted ways with Axl and GNR.  It may have even been the case that both Goldstein AND Merck were co-managing GNR from around June 2001 (when the statement about Goldstein & GNR "taking a break from each other" was released), up until the rescheduled European tour ended.

Doug retired in late 2004 / early 2005 and moved to Hawaii to live which is also where his ex-wife lives.  He moved there so that he could be closer to his children.

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Re: Doug Goldstein - March 1991 - 2002

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