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Re: Are axl's mirrors insured ? lol


September 2006

Breaking news from Axl Rose So what does a self-respecting rock star do with his MTV "Moon Man" statue once he's won it? Why, break stuff with it, of course. Axl Rose's old friend and former assistant Dana Gregory tells GQ that a big part of his job was, "fixing s- that he broke." "[Rose's] condo had these giant mirrors going all around it," recalls Gregory. "And every now and then, he'd take that spaceman statue they give you when you win an award on MTV and smash up the mirrors with it. Well, he slept till 4 o'clock in the afternoon every day. Somebody had to let the guy in when he came to fix the mirrors.

I'm loving these little quotes/stories, stumbled upon them reading about this year's halloween and celebs, i typed axl out of curiosity, wanting to know if barney the dino had been out this year and found this one and the other i posted in how much is axl worth.

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Re: Are axl's mirrors insured ? lol

monkeychow wrote:

That's awesome smile

I like to keep hours like axl time sux....

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Re: Are axl's mirrors insured ? lol

RussTCB wrote:


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