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Re: 14 years that are gone forever...

Von wrote:

You know guys, this is besides the music, this is besides even the band. The actual RELEASE of this album, good or bad, is a very surreal thing for me on an emotional level. For the past ... decade, I've hyped this album, waiting in stops and starts. I've supported two tours, four years apart, waiting for this album. I've collected demos and burned mixes for girlfriends who are long gone. Relationships I've had have ended. People I've loved have died. All along the way to this album's release, those spikes of new interest, new hype, new leaks, are markers for points in my life, some of which were very troubling. It's no secret to some who know me that the past few years haven't been the brightest for me, and the release of this album almost symbolizes the end of a chapter in my life, the end of an era. A long, long era. I went through all five years of college during this time. I went through several jobs and career paths. You see, no matter who Axl really is as a person, he was always a hero to me. The mythic, frontman Axl, maybe not Axl the man. I am not a nutswinger. I'm just a fan. They're my favorite band. Period. This release really changes everything. When I hold it in my hands, I'm not sure what I'll be feeling. Not for the music, which I've already heard, and not for the band, which I like regardless. For the fact that what was never supposed to happen actually happened. That it took ten fucking years of my life, of passing demos to people in bars, of searching for clues and making mixtapes of leaks. I look around myself now and everyone's different. All the faces. Everything's changed. The only constant was my waiting for this album. And now that's changed, too. What are some of the emotional implications of this album's release for some of you?

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Re: 14 years that are gone forever...

Axlin16 wrote:

I hear what you're saying bro. Seconded.

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Re: 14 years that are gone forever...

TheMole wrote:

I for one hope that this album has some success, a grain of credibility with the public, so that I can proudly say that I am a fan of Guns N' Roses. Not that I'm afraid of admitting it now, I just dread the inevitable discussions about hair metal and being stuck in the 80's

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Re: 14 years that are gone forever...

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: 14 years that are gone forever...

Neemo wrote:

when TSI came out it was the summer before my last year of High School

Since then I've went to university, flunked out, took a year off to work, went to college, met my wife, got married, got my first car, got my second car, had 3 different jobs, had 2 kids, bought my first house, lost some loved ones, made and new freinds, lost touch with old freinds, witnessed entire music and sports careers come and go

A Private Eye
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Re: 14 years that are gone forever...

Wow, whilst I wasn't a fan then, the TSI came out in my first year of infant school, since then I've pretty much made my way through the whole education system, I'm now in my final year at uni. Like the rest of you I've lost and made friends, lost relatives (and gained some). I guess it's amazing how the love of this band and not having CD has been such a constant in so many lives where so much has changed.

I imagine it feels pretty weird for Axl thinking about it, it's probably very emotional moment for him too.

NY Giants82
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Re: 14 years that are gone forever...

NY Giants82 wrote:

I was in the 6th grade when TSI came out. I went to the local On Cue that November day after school the day it came out, had my Dad buy it for me. I never in my life thought it would be 15 years later before the next GNR studio album came out.

In that time, I was nearly killed in an accident, graduated high school, met my future wife, graduated college, bought my house, had a son, and on November 23, I'll be waiting in line to buy Chinese Democracy with my little brother, who is 14 years old and another GNR-aholic. He'll never fully understand what I, and many here, have went through waiting on this album.

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Re: 14 years that are gone forever...

buzzsaw wrote:

Damn, you guys are making me feel old.  I graduated high school the same year UYI came out.

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Re: 14 years that are gone forever...

bigbri wrote:
buzzsaw wrote:

Damn, you guys are making me feel old.  I graduated high school the same year UYI came out.

Me too Buzz. I actually was in my first semester of college.

Crazy. Now I've got a good job, three kids, 2 dogs, 2 cars, a wife and a house. I lost all my grandparents and my father-in-law, both my parents have battled and hopefully beat cancer, I've lived in three states, the list goes on.

Not to mention, we all have lived through 9/11, two wars and are about to elect a black man president, all before CD hits the streets.

Personally, I'll probably feel a bit nostalgic, think back to that day in 1987 when I picked up AFD on cassette that started this whole godforsaken era of my life. I don't just want this CD; I need this CD to be able to put it all behind me.

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Re: 14 years that are gone forever...

axlgod wrote:

this release means so much to me.
bought a house, have two wonderful children & got married,  i remember when my wife & i were planning the wedding in 2004 i said we should use a song off chinese democracy for the first dance, it'll definately be out by then.....

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