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Re: 2011-12 Guns n Roses Tour

Axlin16 wrote:
tejastech08 wrote:
Intercourse wrote:

Six shows confirmed so far including the historic return to The Ritz (now Webster Hall), 24 years after the filming of their heralded "Live At The Ritz" — the MTV concert continues to be one of the most sought after trades in bootleg circles. For the Webster Hall date, GN'R will celebrate their return by reclaiming the venue as The Ritz with signage and the name appearing on the marquee

why the fuck would they do this? It just highlights that its not the same band all over again..

Exactly what I was thinking. All it's going to do is increase the number of YouTube searches for Ritz 88. 14

Yeah it just goes to show that the clusterfuckey nature of this band that has no history remains a very weird thing to deal with.

Obviously what's the significance of GN'R performing a Ritz 2012 show? Huge for the fans. But it's obviously meant to give the current GN'R a spotlight. Yet, you can't explain the unknowns, or make a proper press release without acknowleding the legendary Ritz '88 show, or to a lesser extent Ritz '91.

Still and will always remain a tricky thing to deal with.

As for special guests, very likely, but my guess is only Izzy & Steven *possibly* getting the invites. I think Duff skips this one, and Slash... well.

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Re: 2011-12 Guns n Roses Tour

monkeychow wrote:

I could see this going either way.

If they fill the place with the hardest of the hardcores.

If Axl comes out in Tokyo 2009 form and screams his ass off. If he plays a truely epic set list - includes a bunch of the Chinese Songs - it could create the new benchmark for the new era and go down in history.

Then could also be from the logic of "lets re-record AFD" and part of a desperate move to give GNR legitimacy by trying to somehow make what's an awesome new band into the old band. Will DJ smoke the exact same number of cigs that Slash did in the exact same order, stopping to take a drag in the exact same moments of the songs? Will someone in the crowd be hired to pull at his guitar so it cuts out for a moment during out to get me - then he can put his years of study to use by making the the exact WTF gesture that Slash did back in the day? We'll find out!

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Re: 2011-12 Guns n Roses Tour

justbill wrote:


New artwork.

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Re: 2011-12 Guns n Roses Tour

monkeychow wrote: bitchy jokes aside I'd kill to be at these shows and see the band this close.

And that art is..ummm.. right up my alley....(too far?)  wink

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Re: 2011-12 Guns n Roses Tour

Naltav wrote:
monkeychow wrote:
Naltav wrote:
IRISH OS1R1S wrote:

Did I miss something, are they dropping a new album, or is it the same Chinese democracy tour again?

I've noticed Metallica are planning a tour of Europe in the coming months. I have heard they're also gonna be recording during 2012.

So are they touring Death Magnetic from 2008? No, the Lou Reed album doesen't count! No, they're touring with their hits (actually they're litteraly touring The Black Album from 1991, playing the whole album start to finish!) and playing songs the fans want to hear and see.

Well I consider myself a supporter of the new band but it's hardly the same situation.

Since 1992 metallica have released 4 studio albums, 4 live albums, a covers album and now LuLu - and that's not including stuff like the EPs with B sides and that kind of thing.

GNR have released 1 album, 1 Live Album and a covers album.

Now it's not just about the quantity I guess, as some of those extra metallica albums arn't so good. But it's the mentality of things.

Metallica have done shows with traditional rival bands (megadeth) and unusual stuff for better or worse.

Can't see GNR doing a tour with VR. Can't see GNR deciding to play UYI1 from start to finish.

I think a closer comparision would be Ac/Dc - 1 album every 10 years or so and always the same setlist with a couple of recent songs added.

I don't have a problem with it...just saying it's not really the same thing.

My example was only to highlight the missunderstood "rule", that in order to tour a continent/market for the second, third or even fourth time post release-date of the last album, the band must have a brand new album out there.

Those days are gone!

Bands go out and play if promoters think they can sell tickets. And Metallica are masters at being creative about their "excuse" to go on tour (" Escape From The Studio", "Sick Of The Studio Tour", "Vacation Tour", "The Big 4", "The Black Album Tour 2012" etc etc etc")

Nothing wrong with it. Just as there's nothing wrong with GNR doing an "intimate tour" on the east coast of the states or hitting the festivals in Europe for the second year in a row. They keep the brand alive!

For the avarage concert-goer a brand new album is just a bonus. Might be the other way around for us truly hardcores, but hey, you gotta be realistic!

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Re: 2011-12 Guns n Roses Tour

faldor wrote:

It's all about making money, at least at this point.  And record sales don't equate to dollars.  Touring does.  When Axl gets motivated by artistic integrity we'll be on the path to a new album.  But right now, it seems it's all about making money.  And I can't really argue with that. 

Eddie Trunk tweeted last night about a few upcoming tours.  Def Leppard and Poison are apparently joining forces again, Kiss and Motley Crue may be as well.  And Aerosmith are thinking about hitting the road.  Not much NEW material being pushed there.  Money talks.

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Re: 2011-12 Guns n Roses Tour

BLS-Pride wrote:

Well vip are sold out for NYC. And no real preorder for regular tix. Thanks for nothing gnr!

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Re: 2011-12 Guns n Roses Tour

FlashFlood wrote:

if you want to see GNR up close and personal its as easy as going to one of their US Arena shows and walking past 500 people to the front of the stage.

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Re: 2011-12 Guns n Roses Tour

ereeper wrote:

I won't gripe.  My personal budget for a Chicago VIP ticket was $250.  I had heard they would be $350.  If the $250 holds true, I'll be getting a VIP ticket tomorrow.

15 minutes early into the venue should get me right up to the rail!

Re: 2011-12 Guns n Roses Tour

Lomax wrote:


10: New York, NY (Roseland Ballroom)
12 New York, NY (Terminal 5)
15 New York, NY (The Ritz n.k.a Webster Hall))
19 Chicago, Il. (House of Blues)
23 Silver Springs, Md. (The Fillmore)
24 Atlantic City, N.J. (House of Blues)

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