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Re: Most Anticipated Album of 2012

Axlin16 wrote:
russtcb wrote:
Axlin12 wrote:

Gonna give a listen to Shinedown's new album...

I haven't heard it myself yet but I had two separate people over the weekend shoot all sorts of praise at it.

I kinda half listened to it why I talked to a dude and looked through some Mexican restaurant menus.

I've listened to other select songs, and from what I hear it's another memorable album from Smith.

One of the first things I noticed is the album has a darker tone, yet more reflective for hope. Rumor has it Smith wanted to self-title the album as some sort of representation of "everything that Shinedown is and where it's going".

There's more aggression in areas and cussing, "fuck fuck fuck", but at the same time it's more frustration outta being "a good guy".

I wish I had more of a track by track breakdown (I still might if I really sit down and listen to it), but from what I remember every track is memorable ala Leave A Whisper & Sound of Madness.

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