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Re: Oz the Great and Powerful(yes that Oz)

Bono wrote:

Wow. This actually looks kinda cool. I never thought the'd redo the story of Dorthy as it'd be almost sacrilige to mess with that classic but this is a new twist and looks interesting. The trailer actually made me think if done right with the right actors and the right charm maybe it is time for a remake of the Wizard of Oz


I've always thought Rachel Weisz is/was absolutely gorgeous and Mila Kunis is so hot but I'm shocked how amazing Michelle Williams looks here as Glinda. I didn't even recognize it was her

Michelle Williams as Glinda

Mila Kunis as Theodora

Rachel Weisz as Evanora

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Re: Oz the Great and Powerful(yes that Oz)

The trailer was really well put together and I like the cast. Mila fine! I might check it out. Just kind of looks alot like the Burton version of Alice in Wonderland.

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