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Re: Skwerl's post on MyGNR regarding his leak and his source

metallex78 wrote:
Axlin12 wrote:

So did anything leak?

We have kinda gone off topic haven't we... 14

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Re: Skwerl's post on MyGNR regarding his leak and his source

Furbush wrote:

I'm with Bono... A "band" with the catalog of original and unheard material like Guns has shouldn't be pulling the Bon Jovi shit. Same show, with a few minor variations... every night.... Fuck that.

I'm not the biggest Pearl Jam or U2 fan, but I respect the fact that they know how deep their catalogs are, and that their most hardcore of fans (that regularly attend their shows) all love different songs... Not just "The Hits". Both bands respect those fans by surprising them every night. Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Poison, etc... THOSE motherfuckers mail in basically the same show... Every. Single. Night.  They're on autopilot... Content to pick up their nice, neat, briefcase full of money on their way out the front door. Their shows are nothing special...

I was never one of you guys fist pounding about setlists til the Vegas stint... All those shows... In the same place...And literally NOTHING any decent, hardcore, self respecting fan could get truly excited about.

I don't give a shit if axl is fat, sounds like shit, and refuses to shave off that stupid fucking handlebar mustache.... "Yeah, man... leave the hat on... looks great." Just play ONE fucking show that is 60% deep cuts/ unreleased material. No covers.

Throw in Jungle/SCOM/ PC/ Nov Rain... Then fucking shock me.

Play 2 or three songs nobody's heard... Bust out Shotgun Blues, RNDTH...Locomotive... Breakdown.

Bad Apples... Don't Damn Me... Shackler's... Sorry... My Michelle...

I'd lay off of Appetite... Especially when you're trying to essentially erase all public memory of the old band... But I've said my peace on that game plan before.

You're either U2/Pearl Jam, or you're Motley/Bon Jovi, Axl... Pick a legacy.

From where I'm sitting... He's chosen how he wants his legacy to look.

He's given up.

And before anyone gets pissed... I WANT him to prove me wrong. Sooo badly. Alas... I don't think he will anytime soon.

Son of a Gun
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Re: Skwerl's post on MyGNR regarding his leak and his source

Son of a Gun wrote:

Axl is part time and semi retired time to deal with it

Re: Skwerl's post on MyGNR regarding his leak and his source

Lomax wrote:

They should do a poll on theri official website. In fact they should do a fucking ad campaign to back it too, asking people to vote the setlist.

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