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Re: The Hobbit - Production video #6

nugdafied wrote:

I saw it a few weeks ago and wanted to walk out, but had to stay because my friend drove. LOTR kind of lost me at the end of 'Return of The King' and 'The Hobbit' is just kind of way too much ridiculousness for me to stomach. And then on top of that, I felt a bunch of the same circumstances were repeated from previous movies.

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Re: The Hobbit - Production video #6

Olorin wrote:

Finally seen The Hobbit yesterday, I thought it was pretty good though I was glad when it ended, its a long time to be wedged into a uncomfortable wee cinema seat.

I thought some of it seemed a bit rushed, meaning that some of the performances and delivery of lines at times seemed a bit flat, like they just rushed through filming some scenes and did it in one take, whereas in the other films they would do them over and over until they got the one where the actor really put their heart into it.

I was disapointed with the soundtrack, it didnt really grab me or was as evocative as the past scores, in fact it didnt seem like a labour of love as what the other soundtracks obviously were.

One thing I was pleased about was, although the film doesnt follow the structure of the book, I'd say about 80 to 85% of the film is pure Tolkien, they've just expanded the story by using all the other information Tolkien wrote about that period in Middle Earth in the LOTR Appendices, The Silmarrillion and The Unfinished Tales.

The main change is them being hunted by the Orcs lead by Azog, that doesnt happen in the book, in fact Azog is killed in that huge battle between the Dwarves and Orcs outside Moria long before the events in the Hobbit.
During the Battle Of The Five Armies which happens at the end of book version of the Hobbit, its actually Azogs son Bolg who leads the Orc army.

I'll have to watch it again to really absorb it, I was nursing a hellish hangover when I seen it and I wasnt exactly fully compos mentis.

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