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Re: Motley Crue Discussion … -hospital/

Even though Vince is a douche. I wish him a safe & speedy recovery.

Turns out that Tommy Lee is still acting like a dick to fans about those VIP packages and fan meet & greets. Does he know how much of an investment that the concert going public have to do with their own time & money and still don't get to meet their music icons. That's bullshit. Those things are expensive and I freaking hate that artists/bands get involved with it when meet & greets should be complimentary in my opinion after the show like in the classic days of rock & metal. Even independent bands are getting away with it or it's just their management.

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Re: Motley Crue Discussion

Axlin16 wrote:

That's why I think Meet & Greets are fucking stupid.

Like I want some sterilized, organized, line to meet someone. It's one of the biggest reasons i've stayed away from fan con's over the years. The whole concept is just lame to me. Like i'm gonna pay a $20 dollar cover, and another $25 dollar to get an autograph.

Fuck off, you're not that important. I would rather organically meet them, or not at all. Paying for it, no thanks.

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Re: Motley Crue Discussion

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: Motley Crue Discussion

RaZor wrote:

(hennemusic) Motley Crue have branded their fall 2013 Las Vegas residency as an "Evening In Hell." The group, who will return to The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for an exclusive 12-show run from September 18 through October 6, have released their promo poster for the series which discloses the title.

The fall shows will be an all-new production and the band is pushing their own envelope once again. The production will be designed exclusively for The Joint, with plenty of surprise elements for fans and a set-list full of hits.

"We are proud to have pioneered the Las Vegas rock residency last year," says Nikki Sixx, "and can't wait to come back this year to take it over the top with a brand new show that will be unlike anything you've ever seen Motley Crue do before." … vegas.html

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