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Re: Dissecting Chinese Democracy: Track 10 - Sorry

Neemo wrote:

Sorry was written by Axl Rose, Buckethead, Brain and Pete Scaturro and first performed live on December 13, 2009 @ Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul, South Korea

Quotes from Sebastian Bach in 2006 and 2007 regarding Sorry (taken from Chinese Whispers)

"'It's a very cool album. [...] There's this one song called 'Sorry' that's almost like doom metal with Axl singing really clean over this grinding, slow beat that is fucking mean,' says Bach. 'I cannot get it out of my head.'" (Rolling Stone, 10/18/06)

"[Axl] was playing me the new "Chinese Democracy" album '” actually, there's more than one; there's, like, four '” but he was playing a song called "Sorry", which is a very heavy, grinding kind of riff and we were partying and stuff and I started singing a high harmony on the chorus of this song and he flipped out, and he goes, 'That sounds great.' He goes, 'I want you to sing that on the record.'" (Baz, Blabbermouth, 08/17/07)

"So we booked a studio session at Electric Lady in New York the very next week. I was like 'Dude can I have some time off for Christmas, man?' He's like 'January 1st, be there!' You don't mess with the artistic process of Axl." (Baz, Ultimate Guitar, 10/30/07)

I don't really get the slow grinding riff, or mean.....and I believe that he also likened to Sabbath at one point...kinda pictured fairies wear boots or sweet leaf kinda riff...thats not what we got

Sic had a post at one point with an idea of the songs lyrical content

In the end it's almost a modern day version of get in the ring...perhaps a stab at getting some inspiration and emotion back in the writing process...

Targets of the lyrics have been suggested as Stephanie, slash, Matt,  media, old managers...etc his chats I believe Axl stated that it was about a bunch of people

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Re: Dissecting Chinese Democracy: Track 10 - Sorry

esoterica wrote:

Outside of general Pink Floyd and potentially Dream Theatre prog metal, can't peg the influences here.

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