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Re: Cobra Kai

Mike wrote:

Has anyone on here watched this series before? My coworker was raving about this so I started it, finished it in two weeks. There's three seasons(fourth on the way), 10 episodes each and they're about a half hour long. Not only a great follow up to the Karate Kid movies  but they don't go overboard with the '80s nostalgia, just enough and done right.  William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence (bully from first Karate Kid) is a great protagonist, he rescues his young teenage neighbor from school bullies and decides to open up a Karate Dojo and revive Cobra Kai. I highly recommend it!

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Re: Cobra Kai

bigbri wrote:

Yeah, I think it’s great. Really amazing character transformations, but i won’t give anything away. One of my favorites. Zabka is great, not sure where he’s been hiding for the last 30 years.

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Re: Cobra Kai

mitchejw wrote:

It's definitely worth a watch...I started watching thinking I'd probably not like it and I much so that I've seen every episode now.

The great thing about it is it has all the 80s cheese that we all grew up with. The story lines are easy to understand and you find yourself liking and hating the same characters within just a few episodes. Whoever is writing this series (maybe Ralph and William) does a phenomenal job of drawing you back in just as you feel things get boring. Each season climaxes and is well built.

Like I said, I didn't think I'd like it and I did...give it a shot!

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