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Re: Predictions for the upcoming shows?

monkeychow wrote:

Aside from my hope for a reinvigorated Axl....

If it goes the normal way you'd expect a couple of 'normal' shows to ease back into it anxiety wise.....then there will be a few shows where they start mixing it up a bit and having fun...probably debuting a new song or two - either original - or if they're not up to that then some new covers - before it eventually settles into a pattern and becomes a default setlist for the rest of the tour.

I hope it's some of those leaks we got though. I wanna hear like a "State of Grace" so badly.

What do you predict will happen in the upcoming shows?

Same setlist, nothing added 60%
Some UYI additions (PTU, TAY, ect.) 10%
Leaked tracks will be performed (Hardschool, Atlas, ect.) 10%
Entirely new songs performed (either unleaked CD II tracks or brand new compositions) 0%
Other 20%
Total votes: 10

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