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Re: Tori Amos

Mikkamakka wrote:

The biggest artist of today. (IMO, of course) She releases a new album in every 2 years, then does a world tour. She changes the setlist day by day. During her 2007 European tour she played like 50 concerts and the setlist varied more than 90 songs! Last but not least, she makes great music 16


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Re: Tori Amos

dragster wrote:

smile:):) I love Tori's songs. She's among the top for sure. I've got nearly all of her albums. Sexy lady too, slurp!!! smile

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Re: Tori Amos

RussTCB wrote:


julia (babydolls)
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Re: Tori Amos

great musician, great performer - tori rocks.  Have seen her twice, once with a full band and once just her and a couple of pianos - both gigs made me cry! maybe I'm getting old and emotional - but jeez - i seem to be having a tearful moment in a fair few gigs these days!  Must be my excellent taste in emotive artists!

I would highly recommend From the Choirgirl Hotel and Little Earthquakes especially - her style may not be to everyone's taste - but she is one talented lady. 22

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Re: Tori Amos

Mikkamakka wrote:

Since Tori will release a live dvd after the tour (or a bunch of dvds, one for every 'posse'), I think it'd be a damned good choice as far as the setlist goes:

Date November 06, 2007
City Chicago, IL
Venue The Vic

Act I - Pip

Teenage Hustling
Fat Slut
Smokey Joe
The Waitress
Me And A Gun


Professional Widow

Act II - Tori

Big Wheel
Almost Rosey
Cornflake Girl
Liquid Diamonds
Caught A Lite Sneeze

T & Bö

'i can't fuck this up' improv
Happy Phantom

Band Returns

Digital Ghost
Code Red

First Encore

Precious Things
Bouncing Off Clouds

Second Encore

Hey Jupiter

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