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Born in Independence, Missouri on February 25, 1976, Chris Pitman is a Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. He studied at the Art Institute of Kansas City, as well as the University of Missouri-KC.

While it is unclear exactly when Chris Joined Guns N Roses, we do know that when GnR released Oh My God on the End of Days Soundtrack in Nov. '99 that Chris was not on the recording. Instead a man by the name of Stuart White was credited as the Sound Programmer.

On December 31, 2000, when Axl debuted the band in Las Vegas for the New Years show, Pitman was the guy on Synth in addition to sharing the Keyboard duties with Dizzy.

Outside of GNR, Chris was founder of LA based Art Coalition, 'Priory of the North' which focuses on Conceptual/Public Art. His installations have been commissioned in many place around the world, including Rio de Janiero, United Kingdom, USA. Aside from the bands above, Chris has also worked with others such as Medicine, Sirreal/XR4, Failure, Sony Panic, The Source of Uncertainty, SexTapesTM and Savvy Soviets.

If you have information you'd like to see posted in Chris' bio please reply below.

Re: Chris Pitman

Offline AtariLegend wrote:

In case it ever gets deleted, this is the story of he came to get involved with Axl according to him.

Guns N’ Roses

Since the time of Lusk, I became involved with the numerous publishing companies here in LA that would pair songwriters together for recording projects, these included EMI, Rondor/Famous music, Sony and others. I was writing songs for a few artists like Jezef C. as well as writing the single for Blinker the Stars record for Dreamworks. In fact it was at Ocean Way Studios with Jordan recording 'Below the Sliding doors' when I got the call from GNR. This was May 1998, and I had a friend who was working with Guns at the time.

Several months earlier, i had been invited down to their studio to meet and hang out with the guys, the purpose being, as he explained, they were looking for a producer or collaborator, and someone to bring some 'modern' sounds to the mix.

He said that Axl was a fan of LUSK and was really into the wierd guitar sounds, and Orchestration we did. There i met Axl, who was very gracious, respectful dude with that larger-than-life persona he's got, and would make you feel like you had been part of the family for years. We sat in the control room all night listening to tons of songs and jam tapes that they were working on. Axl, along with Paul Tobias and Dizzy Reed were the core writers of the band at the time, and were writing some incredible stuff, you could tell they were in the right place exploring and reaching for the stars, so to speak.

There was a good vibe there, a creative atmosphere, and enough can't be said about the good people that Paul and Dizzy are.

Axl was playing a lot of lead guitar and experimenting with sounds, and was a damn creative player. Occasionally he would pipe in 'you hear that Lusk guitar there?!!'

Being from the Kansas City myself, we shared common midwest stories and blunders, not to mention he has a million jokes up his sleeves, he would just leave you gutted. We had a good time hanging out, and spirits were quite jovial at the time.

At the end of the night, or morning shall i say, Axl piped out "you know..ive already got a full band, but would like to figure out some way of working you in" "cool, sounds good, give me a buzz!"

about a month later i got the buzz, 'hey, me and sean are just finishing up putting a studio together up in Axl's guest house, and he wants you to come hang out", "yeah...and do what exactly?!" "you know..just do what you do, recording, playing whatever!" "cool....when do you want to do this?" "you can come up tonite if you want to hang"

To Be Continued


Wikipedia wrote:

Pitman studied at the Art Institute of Kansas City and the University of Missouri. In 1993, Pitman worked with the controversial artist Les Levine. The following year, Pitman worked with Dr. Dre in Dre's home studio. He also joined Tool on tour and played synth on Tool's album Ænima. In 1995, he appeared on the album Bourgeois Kitten by Blinker the Star.

I didn't know he done something with Dr Dre, does anyone else know anything about it?

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