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1 Freedom (Theme from Panther)
2 Express Yourself JOE
3 We'll Meet Again Blackstreet
4 Black People
5 Let's Straighten It Out
6 The Points
7 Slick Partner Brown, Bobby [1]
8 Stand (You Got To) Hall, Aaron
9 The World Is a Ghetto Da Lench Mob
10 If I Were Your Woman
11 We Shall Not Be Moved
12 A Natural Woman (You Make Me Feel Like) Female
13 Freedom (Dallas' Clean Half Dozen Mix)
14 Head Nod Hodge
15 Stand! Tony Toni Tone
16 Don't Give Me No Broccoli and Tell Me It's Green's (What Happened ...) Last Poets
17 The Star Spangled Banner
18 The Ultimate Sacrifice


Release Date: xx/xx/1995

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