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misterID Megadeth Singer Doubles Down on Government Shooting Claims

Fuck yeah on Mustaine

+ 621 weeks ago
Bro-mero Slash wants to know how to get to Sesame Street!

Haha good one!

+ 622 weeks ago
Axlin16 Roger Waters Discussion (NEW ATD vinyl coming!)

Agreed, so does Axl. FUCK AZOFF

+ 628 weeks ago
misterID AXL ROSE Falls On Stage At France's HELLFEST

good post

+ 630 weeks ago
RussTCB Clockwork Angels Album & Tour-Rush

Rush reminder, getting it now.

+ 630 weeks ago
RussTCB Removed or deleted


+ 635 weeks ago
Axlin16 Ozzy Osbourne Discussion

Crazy Babies

+ 635 weeks ago
RussTCB Which Queen album do you like the most?

Great topic.

+ 636 weeks ago
Axlin16 The BATMAN Thread

hell yeah

+ 637 weeks ago
metallex78 Slash in CD sessions 2001? Illusions reunion in 96?


+ 638 weeks ago
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