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Furbush .

But the 1/1/01 pro shot is fucking dope. The holy grail, homie

+ 223 weeks ago
Me_Wise_Magic Alice in Chains Tour 2018

Thanks man! AIC kicks ass and glad you are still kicking around the forum. wink

+ 229 weeks ago
Furbush Steven Adler Reddit AMA

Right fucking ON

+ 286 weeks ago
James Steven Adler Reddit AMA

great post

+ 287 weeks ago
mitchejw The Rant Thread

nice comment

+ 289 weeks ago
zombux Steven Adler Reddit AMA

+1 to this!

+ 292 weeks ago
FlashFlood Steven Adler Reddit AMA

Awesome post

+ 292 weeks ago
esoterica Better - Studio Version of 2016 Live Arrangement(fan mix)

that\'s some good hate

+ 318 weeks ago
monkeychow Better - Studio Version of 2016 Live Arrangement(fan mix)

Agreed about TIL. It\'s like the dream we had came true now.

+ 318 weeks ago
faldor Orlando 7/29/2016

Agree with pretty much everything you said

+ 321 weeks ago
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