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monkeychow Current Events Thread

Sorry to hear dude.

+ 5 weeks ago
mitchejw Current Events Thread


+ 52 weeks ago
slashsfro Current Events Thread

yes I agree.

+ 53 weeks ago
IRISH OS1R1S Current Events Thread

Spot on.

+ 53 weeks ago
mitchejw Current Events Thread


+ 54 weeks ago
misterID Will new music be released in 2020?


+ 80 weeks ago
Bluefish18 New leaks are coming? (nope)

funny reply

+ 90 weeks ago
Bluefish18 The Context of How Old Some of these Tracks Are

Excellent point made

+ 121 weeks ago
James The Chinese Democracy Sequel References Thread

Agreed on skid row

+ 198 weeks ago
slcpunk US Politics Thread

We understand clearly

+ 205 weeks ago
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