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monkeychow Why do people shit on Steven Adler?

for liking baby can't drive. I love it too.

+ 643 weeks ago
Olorin (Merch store now open, SALE!)

Yep I agree

+ 647 weeks ago
Axlin16 Custom Titles - Request Them Here

nice line

+ 650 weeks ago
Bro-mero Favorite GN'R Song Of All-Time


+ 651 weeks ago
Axlin16 Guns: Thank you for 2011

Yes he is

+ 653 weeks ago
Axlin16 Axl Rose: Hungry Time Traveler


+ 653 weeks ago
monkeychow New song poll

I love that version of sympathy for the devil

+ 653 weeks ago
Gibbo New song poll

Welcome mate

+ 653 weeks ago
Axlin16 Live At The Joint in Las Vegas, NV - New Year's (Dec. 31st, 2011)

Great points and welcome

+ 654 weeks ago
RussTCB 2011-12 Guns n Roses Tour


+ 654 weeks ago
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