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Axlin16 Poll: Best Metallica '95-'08 Era Album?

Thx for the Metallica posts

+ 560 weeks ago
Axlin16 War in Syria


+ 561 weeks ago
metallex78 Poll: Best Metallica Album '83-'91 Era

Great discussion topic!

+ 561 weeks ago
Me_Wise_Magic Jared Leto Says MTV Has Turned Its Back on Rock, Taylor Hawkins Says ‘

Badass and thanks for being awesome and supporting the threads!

+ 562 weeks ago
misterID In a perfect world.

funny stuff

+ 563 weeks ago
monkeychow In a perfect world.


+ 563 weeks ago
metallex78 Avenged Sevenfold

Glad you\'re getting into A7x, they\'re a great band!

+ 563 weeks ago
metallex78 In a perfect world.

haha, that would be awesome!

+ 564 weeks ago
monkeychow Bugs Skully (Monkeychow's Band)

thanks so much!

+ 570 weeks ago
monkeychow Kings of Chaos (Supergroup with Ex-GNR and Baz )

please may it be so

+ 575 weeks ago
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