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#1 Re: The Black Hole » Poll: Best Metallica '95-'08 Era Album? » 141 weeks ago

Thinking DM or Load I'll have to decide. Load was the best of their makeover phase but death was as a solid return to roots as can be reasonably expected. I'm way less a fan of theirs post Black

#4 Management » Is there a sysadmin setting that expires cookies or something? » 141 weeks ago

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I ask because I don't stay logged in for very long before I have to reverify my login. I know others were having this problem awhile back, but it never affected me til more recently. I first noticed it start happening when I got a new laptop, but now it seems to happen wherever I log in from.

I'm using Chrome Version 29.0.1547.66 m, but their versions change so frequently now that I'm sure it's not just this version I've seen the issue on. It also happens on my phone, which is a stock Android browser, so it's not just Chrome.

It's not a big deal, because with the browser remembering input fields, it just amounts to me clicking "Log In" again, but I was just wondering.

#5 Re: The Black Hole » Poll: Best Metallica Album '83-'91 Era » 141 weeks ago

And I'm listening to Hetfield's yeahs all the way through right now. Brilliant.

#6 Re: The Black Hole » Poll: Best Metallica Album '83-'91 Era » 141 weeks ago

Good to see some Masters checking in. I'm really surprised on what a slam dunk Black is in a lot of ppl's opinions. NOT CRITICIZING! Just came as kind of a shock to me.

#7 Re: Hollywood Boulevard » Breakng Bad/Better Call Saul » 141 weeks ago

Better Call Saul, a prequel to BB, has just been picked up! Sounds hilarious and awesome. Love Bob Odenkirk (going to see him and David Cross this Friday.) … 1?irpc=932

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » September 13th SoTW » 141 weeks ago

Gibbo wrote:

Am uploading the new copy of Guns N' Roses - Paradise City (Freddie Mercury Tribute 1992) from the new Freddy M Bluray to Youtube ill put the link up when its finished

If it's good and doesn't get pulled from youtube, that would be a great SoTW.

#9 Re: The Garden » 9-11 Reflection » 141 weeks ago

Didn't even realize what today was. I hope I'll never see anything like that again. I'll never forget being glued to the TV at work through the whole thing.

#10 Re: The Black Hole » Dream Theater Streaming New Song 'Along For The Ride' » 141 weeks ago

I want to like this, and it's not terrible, but it does nothing for me. No real feel of epicness for lack of a better term.

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