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#1 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 10 days ago

Something I can’t understand is why the fuck has Hunter released a book and is now going around promoting it??

If I was him I would be trying to keep all that shit under wraps!!! It makes him look so guilty of everything he has been accused of in the past from underage stuff to anything and everything else. Massive miscalculation IMO!!!

Imagine if this was one of Trumps kids, the media would be busting a nut over the whole thing!!

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Axl to appear in Scobby Doo on Feb 25th. » 7 weeks ago

If DJ Ashba was still in the band he could have done a cameo as Scrappy Doo’s relative. Everyone hated that bloody little annoying dog big_smile

#3 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 11 weeks ago

It's pathetic, they are happy to allow short selling and let the hedge funds etc make a killing off of effectively creating a self fulfilling prophecy by driving down a companies share price.  The collateral damage to the company and existing shareholders is completely ignored.  But get a big enough collective of buyers to drive the price the other way thereby costing them money - look out!!!

#4 Re: The Garden » Lost my mom.. » 11 weeks ago

Sorry to hear of your loss mate, good to hear that it sounded like she got see you all one last time before she passed.

#5 Re: The Garden » A personal matter I could use advice with... » 12 weeks ago

Congrat's on winning, hopefully it gives you the opportunity to try and start putting some of it behind you now.  I hope the financial impact of the whole situation is not too bad!!

Good to know you won though, hopefully that gives you a bit of validation that you weren't the problem or the crazy one.  Sadly there are just some shit people in life that have no good in them and they just take advantage of other people regardless of the cost and impact.

#6 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 13 weeks ago

I thought this was a good opinion piece on the current situation I came across from an Aussie journalist.


The move by the US political and corporate establishment to ban Donald Trump from public office and social media is so breathtakingly stupid and potentially dangerous you could be forgiven for thinking it was orchestrated by Trump’s hard line supporters themselves – were they not also so breathtakingly stupid and potentially dangerous.

Indeed, its staggering folly can be exposed with just two words: What then?

In the first case it undermines the American left’s greatest weapon in its repudiation of Trumpism, namely Joe Biden’s resounding election victory. While the razor thin result in the battleground states should serve as a dire warning for coastal wokesters, there is no doubt Biden won the election fair and square and won it well.

And so why trash a triumph of democracy with convoluted congressional proceedings that will have no impact on who gets sworn in on Inauguration Day? At best it is a wholly symbolic crucifixion of Trump at a time when, according to the President-elect himself, the nation desperately needs unity and healing. At worst it will be a rallying point for a Trumpist resurgence.


Is there a moral or legal case for Trump to be impeached? Certainly. In the space between the election result and the storming of the Capitol, Trump transformed from a cartoonish and roguish figure to a genuine threat to the American democratic process.

I suspect this was more the result of his rampant narcissism than any calculated or sinister malignance but that is neither here nor there. The only salient fact is that Trump must go.

But the fact is he is going, and going as a result of the people’s will. Why on earth would Washington politicians muddy the waters by allowing him to claim he has been removed only by a congressional conspiracy?

Trump has always claimed the election was rigged and illegitimate. The attempt to remove him via impeachment only reinforces this view and gives his diehard followers the evidence they need that he is a victim not of the American people but the Washington elite. It could not play more perfectly into Trump’s hands.

Indeed, the clear driver of Trump’s increasingly deranged and erratic behaviour since his election loss was his inability to accept that the American people had turned against him. His alternate facts had deserted him and he was trapped in a cage of inconvenient truth. Now the Democrats have just handed him a get out of jail free card.

I genuinely cannot imagine even a kindergarten-level Australian political strategist performing such a self-damaging act. Indeed, a veteran Labor advisor texted me these exact words as soon as the move was afoot:

“WTF are Dems thinking? There will be chaos, guns and nuts everywhere running amok. It will make the storming of the house seem like preschoolers arguing in the sand.”

The same strategist was almost alone in the Australian left in publicly predicting a Trump victory four and a half years ago. As of today I suspect he has more political brainpower than the entire Democratic caucus combined.

The conspiracy theories of tens of millions of Trumpers have, in their own minds, been confirmed. God knows what this will mean for the next election campaign but you can bet your bottom Bezos it won’t be a civil one.


As for Trump’s deplatforming from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube – not to mention the deplatforming of an entire platform in the form of Amazon’s removal of Parler – one also has to ask the question the tech giants clearly never asked themselves: What then?

There has long been talk that the lay down misere option for Trump would be to launch his own cable propaganda network dubbed Trump TV. After all, he already has 75 million potential subscribers.

But television is a notoriously expensive and complex medium. How much cheaper and easier it would be for Trump to launch his own social media site. All he’d have to do is set up the platform and the content would provide itself for free.

Twitter’s banning of Donald Trump could lead to a Trump version to spring up. There he and his acolytes could spread whatever conspiracy theories and plot whatever revolutions they wanted. The only difference is it would be largely unchecked and unchallenged by mainstream views.

This is the staggering hubris of political and corporate elites, or perhaps just their staggering naivety. Like the cartoon mouse that covers its eyes and thinks it is invisible they assume that if they cannot see something it no longer exists.

But even this assessment is probably too kind. It would be generous to think that the Silicon Valley strategy is to wipe Trump from the public sphere and hope that his 75 million voters will then miraculously forget about him or forget about their fears or miraculously change their minds.

My strong suspicion is that they actually forget that Trump has voters at all. That they are so far removed from the seismic rumblings of real people in middle America they think Trump is the only person they have to worry about. It is a critical mistake.


In all the endless coverage and holier-than-thou pronouncements that have accompanied Trump’s election loss and the ugly scenes that followed, I have seen and heard almost nothing that fully appreciates the vast numbers of people who voted for him despite his myriad failings.

The great irony is that the one man who does seem to appreciate it is Joe Biden, who, having achieved a record voter turnout, was quick to realise that the second highest ever turnout was for his opponent. Hence his impressive and immediate appeal for unity upon claiming victory.

It is of course a national sport to speculate that Biden is suffering from some form of dementia or another. But even if he is it would still make him smarter than most of his colleagues.

America is a country that desperately needs peace but is beset by provocation. It contains in its belly an angry mob — or, perhaps more accurately, two angry mobs.

Both need reminding that democracy is their salvation, not their jailer. Washington parlour games only serve to make them feel that they are forever in exile. … 856906e0d6

#7 Re: The Garden » The Wrestling thread » 13 weeks ago

Neemo wrote:

My daughter and i have been watching wrestling docs...

We have seen beyond the mat and both seasons of dark side of the ring...what should we watch next?

Was Dark Side of the Ring a good series overall?  I remember catching the Killing of Bruiser Brody and The Montreal Screw Job episodes and found them quite interesting and well done.  Just wondering if the rest were as interesting.

#8 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 13 weeks ago

One of my biggest concerns over the last 4 years has been how much the mainstream media has tried to drive and shape the anti Trump narrative.

As an outsider I didn’t give a fuck who was in the White House, but I was sick to death of turning on the TV and just hearing non stop Trump TMZ bullshit. Much of the sensational stuff was utter garbage, like “Melanie refused to hold his hand” or “an insider close to the administration” blah blah blah. It was incessant. It truly seemed to me like totally butt hurt journalists who completely misread the election 4 years ago. They just couldn’t stand the fact that the man got elected in and that so many people clearly had a different view of the world to them.

It seemed like objective reporting then went out the window and at every opportunity they sought to denigrate the man. Admittedly he was an easy target and gave them tonnes of ammunition and often what he copped was well deserved.

But it never sat well with me that we had such powerful organsisations and mainstream media truly trying to shape the narrative around him and it just amped up the more his term went on and the closer to the election it got.

#9 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 13 weeks ago

Monkeychow, I have to say all of your posts on this topic over the last few days have pretty much echoed my sentiments.  As outsiders looking in on the whole situation, just about all of the concerns you have raised I have also felt since the start of this whole shit show 4 years ago.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » GN'R to tour Australia and New Zealand November 2021 » 21 weeks ago

Nice work, I got Jungle Pit tix too for my son and I.  It was really good in that section last time, not overly crowded either so hopefully that's the case again.

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