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#1 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 8 days ago

I'd just like to say fuck the system.

Fuck Republicans, Fuck Democrats.

Both parties are too fucking crazy for me. Not that my opinion matters.

Money in politics is the issue.

In most systems.

It needs to be out. No lobbying, no corporate donors, no private donors, no union donors. Out.

Republicans are a far cry from the party of Nixon yeah. That guy.

Democrats. What the fuck are they? A far cry from the Johnson era, far cry from the Roosevelt era.

Both parties were at their best when a Roosevelt was President.

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Will the next single be something we've heard already? » 8 days ago

If they do a proper release I'll buy any new single.

I want an album though.

#3 Re: Dust N' Bones & Cyborg Slunks » 2003 killer footage of "The Project" pre Weiland » 13 days ago

Just here to say fuck DJ Ashba.

That’s when I knew the band was a joke.

I’m glad there was nothing creative released with Ashba.

As I couldn’t stomach this band at all then.

#4 Re: The Garden » The Wrestling thread » 6 weeks ago

I just saw footage of Owen Hart's funeral.

And it was so crazy seeing Hogan talking to McMahon outside of it.

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » GN’R 2022 Tour Thread » 6 weeks ago

Hope he's not feeling that anxious. axl

After all, he's still kicking it and singing and what 60?

That's cool man.

I know people mention the Mickey Mouse thing, but, I'll take Mickey any day over no Axl.

The real fans want an album, and proper management. That's all.

I think Ax, still has topics to talk about music wise. I mean looking at his twitter he is left on the spectrum and sees the fucked up things in the US and the world.

Hopefully, Axl gets that he has the talent to do whatever he wants. He's a hard rocking Brian Wilson, is the way I've always seen it.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » GN’R 2022 Tour Thread » 9 weeks ago

FlashFlood wrote:
TheSundanceKid wrote:

I’d like to here this band cover Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff, that song is a banger / barn burner.

Something that suits Axl, would suit his hero Bon Scott too if he were here.

One of the most wild gnr takes I’ve ever heard. Don’t think you’re serious but either way lol.

Oh I was serious.

Studio single version is a banger man.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » GN’R 2022 Tour Thread » 9 weeks ago

I’d like to here this band cover Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff, that song is a banger / barn burner.

Something that suits Axl, would suit his hero Bon Scott too if he were here.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » Slash confirms “one or two” new songs by June » 22 weeks ago

Man it's such a bummer that Ax has wasted the reunion years.

When the doubts creep in I guess it's hard to get out.

But, I hope he stops thinking of negatives and just focus on the present.

I really would like to see this band functional. I get Izzy is unreliable but, maybe bring him in for songwriting in a room. No expectations. It doesn't work out oh well move on.

Would be cool if Brain came back. Cause he ain't ever getting Freese again.

#9 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 26 weeks ago

I'm with Neil on GMOs.

In Europe it's labelled. I wouldn't trust Monsanto as well.

Dude does have integrity. He's wiling to lose his pennies from Spotify for a cause he believes in.

Caring what celebrities think is annoying. They have a false sense of reality.

Back to the Neil thing, he has been consistent in his life on his liberalism.

Anyhow, I was observing the Windsor protest this week. Took some pictures. Big time white crowd blocking the Ambassador bridge. Crazy that the police let it go on for as long as it did. They should have been arrested and tear gassed. You can't let a fringe minority disrupt billions in trade.

And for the US that wants buy American and not rely on Canadian automotive parts, it's a good day for them.

Which brings us to the global scale now. A overt reliance on China is so detrimental to National Security. Republican and Democrat business leaders are god damn sell outs. Since the 80s. This translates in my eyes as a problem when a conflict with China arises. Supply chain that relies on China so much, makes it impossible to have a serious conflict or severe trade sanctions. Or if a conflict arises China has the upper hand due to supply chain reliance. And if it's shifted to other countries like South Korea or Vietnam or where ever in Asia, China can disrupt those as it's in her sphere.

I think that businesses that outsource like this should face such severe penalties, but, that ain't going to happen.

#10 Re: The Garden » The Wrestling thread » 28 weeks ago

I tried watching AEW and man it just looked low rent.

I couldn't see any announcers.

The production value looked like that WCW show in Orlando.

I mean they've got stars and talent, it just didn't look good.

And the selling and execution of wrestling moves was terrible.

Now I'm not a big WWE fan, I used to be. But, there product even though it is cringe, and pg, at least looked polished and professional.

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