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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » Axl Rose with Billy Joel Dodgers Stadium » 142 weeks ago

TheSundanceKid wrote:

Well who knew Axl was a fan of Billy Joel?

I guess the whole liking Elton John shindig would lead you to his music.

Anyhow, kind of cool seeing him perform: "Highway to Hell," and "Big Shot."


i am a big fan of billy joel

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Axl Rose with Billy Joel Dodgers Stadium » 142 weeks ago

James wrote:

I guess if Axl & Slash are alive, it could still work with all replacements, but at least do what The Eagles did. At least kick out one double album for one of the "big 'uns" pass away. I'm sure when The Eagles did "Last Road Out of Eden", they didn't know that Glenn would be dead in a few years.

A better Eagles comparison would be Hell Freezes Over. Unload a Not In This Lifetime album that is a concert with two new songs. Both new songs on HFO were hit singles.

GNR could easily whip up two new songs. You've got a brand new album with minimal effort. No one but hardcores would complain about only a couple new songs.

I agree, and Soundgarden are the best example. The dicking around cost another album with Cornell, when he was just blowing out material solo. Whether that was his or SG's choice or both, who knows.

Yeah it will always suck that they couldn't make the time to get that done. Cornell focused way too much on his solo career and Cameron had to juggle both SG and Pearl Jam.

These guys had five years to whip up another King Animal. Now all we're going to get is the remainder of the vault.

good one it look likes you loved the songsa

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