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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » someone needs to mix the studio silkworms with the remixed version lol » 112 weeks ago

Wagszilla wrote:

It definitely doesn't sound like "broken heart" or "demons" in this version.

Then again, Axl didn't enunciate "world" on If The World very clearly, either and we all remember the Prostitute debacle.

Lol, the Prostitute debacle...

I thought it was Prostitute to begin with. Still can't believe people, with a song that actually had PROSTITUTE as a lyric in it, continued all the way up to release to argue that New Song #2 wasn't Prostitute, because it wasn't "Nightrain meets Fire & Ice", ya know, like that one guy said it was...

The good 'ole days. axl finck ron fortus tommy frank 16 17 18

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Guns N' Roses tour to continue through 2017(and beyond) » 112 weeks ago

Yeah I find it rather bizarre as well. Especially songs like Street of Dreams, which would be a song that would allow Dizzy a moment in the sun as a long-time member. Put him on front, let him intro the song on piano, then kick into SOD, then Axl, Slash & Duff walk out in front and they all do the song, and at the end, "ladies & gentlemen, Mr. Dizzy Fucking Reed".

I.R.S. not being played is as bizarre as if This I Love wasn't played. That rocker, and TIL (the ballad) were the two songs, consistently, that fans for years and years said, "i'd love to hear Slash on this. This would be perfect for him", and yet GN'R have played everything under the sun, including Coma and a shitload of covers, plus Catcher, plus Prostitute, plus TWAT, plus Maddy... no I.R.S.

Maybe Axl doesn't like the song anymore? Maybe Slash & Duff don't dig it? Maybe they're gonna re-write and re-arrange it for a later release because it IS such a old Guns song? No clue...

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » LEAKS THREAD » 112 weeks ago

Smoking Guns wrote:
KIKO2K wrote:
bigbri wrote:

I’d love HOB for Bucket. That’s all I ask. Help a brutha out.......

Enjoy. Full show

Bucket and Finck i miss both what a band....
The Nightrain outro.
Riad is The shit live.
OMG and SILW ver well played.

Fuck if we could get  back in time.


Axl sounds so weird here. This show is very over rated. Band is not night. Sound weak. Paul Huge was so terrible. Frank Ferrer is the Paul Huge of Drummers.

They sound pretty fuckin' good to me. But then again SG, you have to put yourself in the zeitgeist of GN'R at the time and being a fan then.

They were a band that just fucked off the planet. The biggest band in the world gone after 1994. Nothing happened. Nothing on the horizon. Gilby fired, Slash quit, Matt fired, Duff quit... yet they were still going to exist. How? With Axl, Paul & Dizzy? How?

I remember how it felt when all this shit started to happen. Even starting as far back as 1999 with Oh My God on the End of Days soundtrack. It was all so cryptic. So so very cryptic. The fact that Axl is on Twitter today shocks the 2001-02 me. There was NOTHING. A website that was bare bones and never updated, other than an Axl statement burying Slash & Duff as traitors. It was a nasty time.

So is this band the greatest of all time? No. Is this band Axl, Slash, Duff & Izzy, and that specific magic that those four could write & create? No. But it's like comparing a traditional Halloween to Season of the Witch. Does Halloween III suck? No. Is it Michael Myers? No.

That's what this band was.

You have to take it all in. Axl was completely trying to reboot Guns N' Roses into something entirely different, yet exactly the same. And that's why it failed. That's an impossible task.

There was alot of unique talent in that band. They have one claim to fame -- they wrote Chinese Democracy. An album that was released 7 years after they wrote it that featured too many added parts (with the exception of Bucket).

It's just a bizarre moment in the history of rock. Like with Halloween III before it, what would've happened had they buried Myers and continued as an Anthology franchise? We don't know. Intriguing yes, but it's a moment of time lost. What would've happened if Axl buried Slash with Buckethead? What if the Cubs would've won the pennant in 2003 and not in 2016? We don't know...

But goddamn it's still fascinating to wonder what parallel universe they succeeded, kicked ass, and buried the old band in.


Is what the House of Blues 2001 Pro-shot is to my generation. A time capsule of a lost cusp of greatness... that never was.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » . » 112 weeks ago

Regardless of how it came out, much thanks to those who liberated it or whatever may still be out there. This shit should've been out YEARS AGO. This band is a joke at releasing stuff. GN'R fans have literally ONE studio album and ONE concert DVD of release in 20 years. If you go back 25 years it only improves by a covers album and a live record.

Anything that leaks... don't give a shit. Serves 'em right. Should've sorta this shit out years ago. GN'R fans would've been glad to pay for this stuff. Especially stuff like Saskatoon '93 and HOB 2001.

The Chinese vault should've been out in 2015 as an Echo of Miles-set before the reunion even happened to put it to bed.

So how ever much of this shit can come out the better. Much love to all of those who work to help it see the light of day, and much love to those who share it.

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » LEAKS THREAD » 112 weeks ago

As for the Puerto Rico show, in retrospect, any chance Axl had to do something with the DJ/Bumble-version of the band in the post-Chinese release era, it was during that 2009-10 period. I wonder what GN'R would've looked like with a major festival performance, plus CD II (coupled with the CD remix disc), with them touring that band and doing tons of promo. The band had a current look, but the biggest plus was Axl sounded fan-fucking-tastic in 2010, and it was the last moment he had with a pristine voice that people would've remarked how great he sounded, which would've drowned out the hate towards that band.

Axl also was in far better shape than he was in the 2011-14 as well. He looked like a cross between 2006-07 Axl and 2011-14 Axl.

As far as the authenticity goes... not sure it's truly pro-shot. Alot of parts of the Rico show looks like a VERY well shot, and balanced audience recording of the screen at the concert. The quality is terrible for a pro-shot. Easily the worst of anything to have ever been put out on the bootleg circles, including shows like CBGB 87 or Indiana 91.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » LEAKS THREAD » 112 weeks ago

I've been trying to track all this stuff down since this morning. Grabbed HOB 2001 pretty quick, and was so blown away that I  thought it was fake when it first started. Couldn't believe it. Tons of memories came flashing back and how I thought they were going to retake the world with that lineup. Axl was a bad ass then... then... 2002 happened. Even within one year Axl vocally wasn't the same guy. Still kinda of mind-blown of all of this. A pro-shot of HOB 2001 had been a myth for years. Many of us didn't believe it... but I guess it was real. Wow.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Unseen footage Pro Shot - Saskatoon, SK, Ca 1993 » 116 weeks ago

imsorry wrote:

really? my english is limited but "types" and "they" arent for single person...anyway no big deal at all, sorry for any inconvenience created.

I'm pretty sure Wags was talking about whatever fucking cocksucker (and I hope they get cancer) ended up getting YouTube to strike down all of the Saskatoon videos with Uzi Suicidal copyright claims.

He wasn't talking about you imsorry. We've always enjoyed your remixes and uploads.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » Which version of Appetite did you buy? » 116 weeks ago

monkeychow wrote:

What I want is lossless audio and all the music...which means I guess i'm stuck with Super Deluxe.

However, I wish there was a way to buy the all CDs without all the posters and other stuff in the SD or LNL boxes.

If all you want is the music its such a brutal step up from $30AUD for 2 CDs to $270AUD for 4 - especially when the other disc is just the appetitte demos and the heartbreak hotel mixes essentially.

I think they should have had a 4 disc version stand alone. and then the collectors packs with all the added toys.

So yeah i'll probably get the 4 disc - although value for money is questionable when you look at how awesome for cheap money the 2 disc version is.


I wish they'd do a Bandcamp release with Lossless FLAC/WAV audio for us audio nerds.

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » Which version of Appetite did you buy? » 116 weeks ago

I thought about the Locked N' Loaded until I saw the MP3 version of all of it was gonna be like $28 bucks (and that's if it's NOT on Spotify; which it will be)

It's 2018. I'm gonna get the Deluxe Edition on CD, and probably might also grab the Digital version of the Super Deluxe. It gives me physical/digital copies of ALL of the songs on the Super Deluxe for less than $50 bucks. Why spend $180? For a poster?

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » GNR.FM | Destruction Is Coming » 116 weeks ago

misterID wrote:

Those are early 80s Axl vocals. No doubt.

Parts of them are. Parts. I will agree some parts were Axl's original take(s), whether they be L.A. Guns, Hollywood Rose or Guns N' Roses. Considering their pristine-quality, I would think early-GN'R sessions around 86-87.

But NOT all.

There are other parts that sound like re-dubs or added ooh's & ahh's or YEAH's from Axl's vocals circa the Use Your Illusion-sessions. So much of the production on this version of Shadow sounds ala Use Your Illusion-style.

With this and Saskatoon, I actually went back and re-listened to UYI to just confirm I wasn't crazy. Maybe I am, but this version of Shadow sounds pieced together and mixed as if it were originally supposed to go alongside Right Next Door To Hell, Perfect Crime, Garden of Eden, Shotgun Blues, etc. Lots of sound similarities.

That's the only way it's old-era. If not... well then they went back in with this band, which i'm not so sure of.

Nothing about the production on this sounds AFD-era. Not from demos, not from the Hollywood Rose release. I know L.A. Guns catalog very closely as well, and again -- no dice.

The more I listened to it, the more I think this version was meant for Illusion I & II and was completed years ago and just sat in the vault, ala Soundgarden's "Black Rain" and Badmotorfinger.


Those drums are Steven's. Definitely not Matt. Not Matt's sound. Too much "swing" (lolz). Not a snowball's chance in hell it's Rob Gardner. So they recorded within the 3 months he was in the band? Doubtful. If he's on drums, why not say it's Tracii Guns on guitar? That doesn't work, because it doesn't sound like his take from the Hollywood Rose release. So there's a version WITH Slash and ROB, but not Tracii? It's Frank Ferrer before it's Rob Gardner imo.

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