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Re: It Tastes Good, Don't It?


I'm like a little big kid with a real big mouth
And you're gonna have to catch me if you wanna wash it out,
Cuz I'll be standin' on the corner, callin' you names,
With my juvenile skills and juvenile games

Cuz I'm a fast motherfucker,
Let me tell you 'bout it sucker,
Said if you fuck with me, I'll fuck your mother,
Your sister, too, and your best girlfriend,
Then I'll line 'em up, and put 'em end to end,
And then I'll put (stick) it in, I'll pull it out,
I'll grab your face and then I'll cum in your mouth.
It tastes good, don't it?
It tastes good, HUH
And you know it, OW!

if ya lookin' for trouble i'm the one
if ya lookin' for a fight, i'm gonna have some fun
stupid motherfucker, try to blame it on me
but they cant see what i can see
cuz i've been up i've been down kickin shit all over this town
everybody wants a fuckin' piece of me
the sweet sweet taste of victory

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