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Re: Santiago, Chile - October 5, 2011

Gibbo wrote:

How good would it be to get hold of all that

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Re: Santiago, Chile - October 5, 2011

Gibbo wrote:

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Re: Santiago, Chile - October 5, 2011

mickronson wrote:

not totally horrible, it sounds like Estranged but has no soul.

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Re: Santiago, Chile - October 5, 2011

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: Santiago, Chile - October 5, 2011

DCK wrote:

Listened to Indiana and Tokyo, Estranged early 90's. Didn't think it was all that. The performance here is just as good, if not better. Don't know what's up with "no soul". Must be in your head mate.

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Re: Santiago, Chile - October 5, 2011

Mikkamakka wrote:
mickronson wrote:

not totally horrible, it sounds like Estranged but has no soul.

Good performance, great song. I agree that noone can match Slash's playing in Estranged (including his live versions). As much as I like Bumble, who did 150% to save the RIR show, and learnt note by note the solos (unlike DJ), his version is too cold for me. He's a different player, yes, but he's just playing those melodies quite well, while in Slash's case it was coming from his heart. It's the same difference as the Axl vs. Myles performance. One can be technically a better musician, but he wasn't the fountain of the song, only a performer.

(Before anyone would start the 'vocals are more important than the music argument' - no it is not. For you, maybe. But there are just as many famous piano or violin solo players in the history of classical music, than singers. And it's not different when it comes to jazz or rock, which are the most music-orientated kinds of pop music. It's not 80s disco, when nobody cares who programmes the drum machine.)

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Re: Santiago, Chile - October 5, 2011

Neemo wrote:

you know....i agree with you 100% Mikka...for the most part these days I view vocals as an instrument o their own...but it doesnt even have to be lyrics...i think Humming or just making noises to the vocal melody almost might be as good at times....

its all abpout the music to me anymore

Ron's tone sounds like he messed with it abit from Rio to Chile but it coiuld also be the recording...but the tone sounds a bit more organic on the Chile vid...but at the same time DJ's amp must be on the opposite side of the stage as the guy with the camera cuz e sounded really the amp was back stage or something 16 i know it prolly wasnt the case live but the recording kinda throws that off a bit

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Re: Santiago, Chile - October 5, 2011

Axlin16 wrote:
gibbo wrote:
Axlin08 wrote:

A month, or something like that. Money doesn't grow on trees tho man.

$100 ? not even half a days work. what do ya do for a crust


Gas would cost me just as much. So it's DOUBLE that price.

Anyone that would pay $200 bucks to see 2002 Axl with the 2010 band needs their heads certified.

Plus you got to count in emotional interest. Reason to spend 7-9 hours a night (round trip + Axl time + GN'R taking the stage for over 2 hours), at a show, rather than working. That's lost money.

Plus consider that I saw a MUCH better Axl five years ago TWICE. Do I really want that memory spoiled seeing a pudgy, out of breath 2002 Axl touring with another Chinese Democracy show?

There's alot more there than "it's just a show".

Maybe i'm as crazy as Axl.

Not sure which

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Re: Santiago, Chile - October 5, 2011

Intercourse wrote:

I saw the old band three times in the early 90's, I saw the Robin version of the band in 2006 and the latest version in 2010...Like Axlin I'm done at this stage unless I get the lineup that played the album being toured.

I really believe fans love the entire story around a tour..i.e the album being promoted, the lyrics and their meaning, where the band's head is at etc..

if you are out there touring a slew of decades old songs without the musicians that wrote them with you, you cannot be surprised if lots of fans won't spend their fucking electricity bill money on seeing your lazy ass money grab show.

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Re: Santiago, Chile - October 5, 2011

faldor wrote:

I get that line of thinking, but as a fan that hasn't gotten to see THIS lineup perform yet, I'm still looking forward to changing that.  Even though, a number of the guys had nothing to do with creating most of the songs they'll be playing.  Maybe AFTER I see them, I'll feel differently and I'll be ready to move on.  But I'm not quite there yet.

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