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Re: Best Live Vocal Performance

Gibbo wrote:
Axlin12 wrote:

Oh fuck off, every single person listed on there aren't even good vocalists, especially Kiedis.

Let's all beat off that Myles Kennedy won a vocalist contest beating out Chad Kroeger, Lzzy Hale, Rob Zombie, and the dudes from My Darkest Days, Staind & Mastadon.

Are you kidding me? Even i'll admit Myles is better than every single person on that list. It's like arguing about which shade of shit is darker. I love Zombie, but he's never been a vocalist. Neither is Alice Cooper.


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Re: Best Live Vocal Performance

tejastech08 wrote:
Bono wrote:
Mikkamakka wrote:

The guy from Staind can sing. Period

This. I'm not a big fan of Stained BUT Aaron Lewis is an incredible singer

Way better than Myles IMHO. Granted, I haven't seen any live stuff from him recently but I seem to remember Lewis being amazing a few years ago.

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Re: Best Live Vocal Performance

faldor wrote:

No offense, but "Best Live Vocal Performance in GRAND RAPIDS"!  At least when people "stuff the ballot" for Axl in these polls it's for all time best frontman or something of the like.  I guess you have to start somewhere though.  Maybe Myles will get to be the king of Grand Rapids after all.

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Re: Best Live Vocal Performance

TheMole wrote:

Lzzy has talent and pipes, there's no disputing that. And from that list, she got my vote (definitely over Myles)

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Re: Best Live Vocal Performance

Axlin16 wrote:

Lzzy Hale is hot. I would love for that chick to be my girlfriend.

She'd be like that chick that when you're recording something, you bring in to sing harmonies or backing female vocals for the chorus...

But when it came to her songs, unless it's a guitar-only part or a cover of Total Eclipse of the Heart, "no thanks sweetie... not interesting in putting my voice on a Halestorm song"


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