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Re: New Buckethead tour

bigbri wrote:

Two Canada dates was earth-shattering news. He hasn't been out of the U.S. in I don't even know how long.

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Re: New Buckethead tour

monkeychow wrote:

Yeah....I've been waiting for an Aussie tour but I think that's not going to happen!

Although there's a music store here who often brings people over (Adler, Paul Gilbert etc...) maybe I'll start spamming them with requests!

Re: New Buckethead tour

Lomax wrote:
James Lofton wrote:

Cant pass up Bucket coming that close. Glad the only option isn't Frisco. I'm gonna try to go to Sac and Fresno but if only one, I'll go to Sac.

Only question is do I risk more hearing loss or wear ear plugs? I'd feel like an old douche bag wearing those but the feeling I had coming out of that last Bucket show when my ears were shot was traumatic. Caused me to miss Soundgarden.

Plugs. Anyone I know working in sound wears plugs.
I've worn them, and I"m 24 fuck it. I'd rather retain my hearing.

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Re: New Buckethead tour

Rex wrote:

Wow, Buckethead is coming to Reno. I'll definitely be there.

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