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Re: Yesterdays (Drunk Fux '88) - GNR Unreleased Demo Archive Update

Gunslinger wrote:

This thread will feature demos, outtakes, select live performances and various other goodies (barring any officially released material) from our favorite band!  I will routinely update the links so they will not expire.  The freshly uplated links will appear in yellow and songs appearing for the first time on the list will appear in red. Click on the song you wish to download and you will be transferred to the  download page for that song.  If you have any requests pm me.

GNRevolution's Guns 'N Roses Unreleased Demos Archive -  

Ain't Going Down (demo)
Ain't Going Down (instrumental)
Ain't Going Down (live from The Whiskey)
Anything Goes (demo)
Attitude (demo)
Attitude (live)
Axl's Blues
Back in the U.S.S.R. (Wembley '06)
Back Off Bitch (L.A. 1985)
Back Off Bitch (live)
Back Off Bitch (demo)
Bad Obsession (demo 1)
Bad Obsession (demo 2)
Bad Time
Band Introduction + "Beautiful" ('06 Tour)
Black Leather (demo)
Bohemian Rhapsody
Booze Party
Breakdown (live, improved sound)
Bring It Back Home
Buckethead Solo (RIR3)
Chinese Democracy (Boston '02)
Chinese Democracy (Hammerstein 06)
Chinese Democracy (live remix)
Chinese Democracy (Madrid 5-25-06)
Chinese Democracy (RIR III, soundboard)
Civil War (demo)
Civil War #2 (demo)
Civil War #3 (demo)
Civil War (Farm Aid)
Coma - Live (Chicago '92, soundboard)
Coma (demo)
Coma (Live Era Japanese edition bonus track)
Coma (soundcheck)
Come Together (w/Bruce Springsteen)
Cornshucker (live)
Crash Diet
Crash Diet (alt.mix)
Dead Flowers (Live - Axl on vocals)
Dead Horse (demo)
Dead Horse (live)
Dead, Jail or Rock N' Roll (Axl w/Michael Monroe)
Dizzy Reed Piano Solo (KROQ Inland Invasion '06)
Don't Cry (acoustic)
Don't Cry (live, alt. lyrics w/Shannon Hoon)
Don't Cry (alternate take)
Don't Cry (Bumblefoot Solo)
Don't Damn Me (UYI demo)
Don't Damn Me (UYI demo #2)
Double Talkin'Jive (acoustic demo)
Down On The Farm (instrumental demo)
Down On The Farm (Live)
Driftaway (intro)
Dust N' Bones (UYI Outtake)
Dust N Bones (Mates Rehearsal)
Dust in the Wind
Estranged (demo)
Estranged (piano instrumental)
Fallen Angel (intro)
14 Years (live)
Free Falling (Axl w/Tom Petty)
Garden of Eden (demo)
Get In The Ring (demo/fake?)
Goodnight Tonight
G''n F''n R''s Jam Session #1
G'n F'n R's Studio Medley
Hair of the Dog (GAK)
Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Heartbreak Hotel
Heartbreak Hotel (w/Tom Petty)
Honky Tonk Woman
Honky Tonk Woman (w/M. Monroe)
Hotel California (intro)
"I Believe"/Chinese Democracy (RIR3) - 'Slinger's Mix
Indiana Ain't My Kinda Town
Instrumental demo #1
Instrumental Demo #2
I.R.S. (KROQ Inland Invasion '06)
I Was Only Joking
It's Alright (live, #1)
It's Alright (live, #2)
It's So Easy (Duff on vocals)
It Tastes Good, Don't It? (live, full version)
Jumping Jack Flash (acoustic)
Jumping Jack Flash (electric)
Just Another Sunday
Knockin'' On Heaven''s Door (remix)
Knocking On Heaven's Door RIR3   **dedicated to the memory of my mother
Knocking On Heaven's Door (from '92 MTV video)
L.A. Guns Jam w/Slash & Izzy
Let It Be (Slash Solo)
Light My Fire (teaser 10-7-6, Greece)
Live and Let Die (RIR 3, soundboard)
Locomotive (demo)
Madagascar - Acousitc (fan remix)
Madagascar (Hammersmith '06)
Madagascar (RIR3, soundboard)
Mama Kin (demo - version 1)
Mama Kin (version 2)
Mixed Emotions (w/the Stones Atlantic City, NJ 12-20-89)
Move To The City (demo)
Mr. Brownstone (acoustic)
Mr. Brownstone (remix)
My Michelle (demo)
My Michelle (w/Baz from '06 Tour)
My World (demo)
New Rose (instr.)
Nice Boys (demo)
Nightrain (demo)
Not Fade Away/Mr. Brownstone
November Rain (acoustic guitar demo a.k.a. "Sweet Lorraine")
November Rain (piano demo)
November Rain (w/Elton John)
Oh My God (live soundboard,RIR III)
One (intro)
One In A Million (Lies Demo)
Only Women Bleed/Knocking On Heaven's Door (Freddy Mercury Tribute) 
Out Ta Get Me (demo)
Over The Hills & Far Away
Paradise City (Freddy Mercury Tribute)
Paradise City (demo)
Patience (AMA''s ''89)
Patience (Lies demo)
Piece of Me (GAK)
Pretty Tied Up (demo)
Reckless Life (demo)
Right Next Door To Hell (live)
Riyadh & the Bedouins (improved sound)
Roadhouse Blues (teaser)
Rock and Roll
Rocket Queen Version 1 (demo)
Rocket Queen Version 2 (demo)
Salt of the Earth (#1)
Salt of the Earth (#2)
Scarface intro (The Roxy '86)
Scrap Bar Daze (another version of "Axl's Blues")
Sentimental Movie
Sentimental Movie - version 2 (*some claim version 1 is Slash on vocals and version 2 is Duff)
Shadow of Your Love (demo)
Shadow of Your Love (vers.2)
Shadow of Your Love (live)
SilkWorms (alternate mix)
Since I Don''t Have You (intro)
Sway (Wembley Arena '06)
Sweet Child O' Mine (demo)
The Asshole Song
The Avengers
The Avengers (live #2)
The Blues ''06 (live)
The Blues - Acoustic (fan remix)
The Blues (Bloody Roses Mix)
The Blues (Pittsburgh '02)
The Blues (RIR3 Soundboard)
The Blues (6/02/06 Eifel, Germany)
The Garden (demo)
The Garden (live)
The Godfather (studio)
The One (intro)
There Was a Time (Hammerstein 5/12/06)
There Was A Time (Madrid, Spain 5/26/06)
Think About You (demo)
"This Year" Interview with John Norris backstage at the 2006 MTV VMAs
Tie Your Mother Down (w/Brian May)
Too Fast To Live(instrumental)
Too Much Too Soon
Train Kept a Rolling (GNR w/Joe Perry and Steven Tyler 6.6.92, Paris)
Under My Wheels (Axl w/Alice Cooper)
Used to Love Her/Cornshucker (Lies demo)
Used To Love Her (Fox Late Show)
We Are Sailing (live, Wembley Arena 7/30/06)
Welcome to the Jungle (VMA''s ''88)
Welcome to the Jungle (demo 1)
Welcome To The Jungle (demo 2)
Welcome to the Jungle (demo 3)
We're An American Band (Madam Wong's 1985)
We Will Rock You
White Xmas (Common GNR Fake by the "Sponge Awareness Society")
Whole Lotta Rosie
Whole Lotta Rosie (w/Vince Neil)
Wild Horses
Yesterdays (demo)
Yesterdays (Drunk Fux '88)
You Could Be Mine (Qsound)
You Gotta Move (Sheffield 7/18/06)
You're Crazy (pre-Appetite demo)
You're Crazy (Lies demo)
You're Crazy (Milton,Keyes)

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Re: Yesterdays (Drunk Fux '88) - GNR Unreleased Demo Archive Update

Gunslinger wrote:

Sorry for my recent absence guys, had alot of things I had to take care of and got behind.

One thing I got WAY behind on is this section so I will try and get back on track!  The songs that are NOT highlighted in either red or yellow on the list will be uploaded then several other songs will be added to the list.

As always if you have a request please let me know and I will do my best to add it as well.

Here's a few new links to the list:  (*some may have appeared prior but were lost when the site's database was updated awhile back)   

Yesterdays (Drunk Fux '88)

Reckless Life (demo)

Mama Kin (demo - version 1)

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Re: Yesterdays (Drunk Fux '88) - GNR Unreleased Demo Archive Update

anggaflash wrote:


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Re: Yesterdays (Drunk Fux '88) - GNR Unreleased Demo Archive Update

tange wrote:

hey alot of the links no longer work. sad

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Re: Yesterdays (Drunk Fux '88) - GNR Unreleased Demo Archive Update

marmistrz wrote:

Please reup, all the links are dead...
In lossless, please

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