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Re: "Better" Video Discussion

misterID wrote:
Bono wrote:
Bumblefoot wrote:

Hey all, been out of touch for a while trying to take care of my own life stuff, that douche posting a personal convo prompted me to get back in touch with the world....

I joked about a montage video (with an 'lol') and told the kid to stop bothering me with his complaints, to address them to GNR management, and to leave me alone about it during my time off.  Wasn't a serious thing....   (and not our first convo.....)  Then to post it weeks later and try and turn fans against me and get 5 seconds of attention...  wuuudever. 

I've been very grumpy.  I won't get into details, I'll just say that's *over*.  No more grumpy.

Fuck johndivney.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon  smile

Any chatting I do from here on will be at - we have our own chat now, that's where you'll find me.  smile

Take care!


Stuff like that wold never turn me against you Ron. Your openess with the fans is the best thing to happen to Guns since the old band. I love that bluntness and sometimes even if it's misinterpreted by the fans(me) I love the bluntness that alludes to acknowldegment of how fucked up the Gn'R business side is. What a  clown show. And I'll stick to my opinion that as legit artists it's gotta really suck to know there's nothing artistic happening with current Gn'R.

This is why Ron needs to post here more. He brings the forum community together. smile

.....even when he tells us to fuck off. 16

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Re: "Better" Video Discussion

faldor wrote:

I went over to the official forum to see if anything was going on and if Ron was/has chatted over there.  It doesn't seem as though yet.  But they are talking about Ron's post here.  They asked what johndivney said to set Bumblefoot off, so I filled in the blanks.  I said johndivney was semi-joking and gave his follow up reply to Ron.

Oh, and I'm with Russ.  The official forum has not lived up to the hype.  The activity over there is quite low.  I wouldn't say it's moderated heavily.  Honestly, I don't know if there are even active moderators there.  I think Fernando is a mod and a guy from Ground Ctrl, but they're not very hands on to this point.  But obviously people who paid to be members aren't slamming the band or saying many inflammatory things.

Overall I was hoping for more.  I still think it was worth the money, for the 2 shirts I got, other assorted items, and one live stream.  But I honestly thought there'd be more streams and more exclusive stuff.  There's really nothing other than the forum at this point, and there are plenty of free forums to choose from so that's not nearly enough to draw people in. 

Ron, and others chatting over there would be a step in the right direction.  We'll see.  They have until February to entice people to rejoin.  The way things are going, I think a lot of people will be one and done.

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Re: "Better" Video Discussion

monkeychow wrote:

Yeah I don't feel ripped off...I got 2 shirts for it...(cheaper than it would be at gigs here) and I did see Ron in the online chat once when I was around there.

I don't use the forum much there as the software seems clunkier on my system than this site. Hard to follow and harder to post.

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Re: "Better" Video Discussion

Axlin16 wrote:

That website is better than anything they had for a decade.

Sad, but... it's still probably the only successful thing they've done in all that time.

How tragic

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