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Re: Does age difference matter when it comes to dating?

otto wrote:

Go for it, Bono.. Don't forget to tell us how it went..

It will be a time to remember, that's for sure!

All the best!

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Re: Does age difference matter when it comes to dating?

Axlin16 wrote:
Ben Matlock wrote:

In most cases IMO age doesn't matter. Having said that, as you age(I'm 37) my interest in younger women has declined. Last year I had a very short fling with an 18 year old girl who worked at the mall. The generation gap blew my mind. She was texting me every five seconds and I almost went insane.

smoking guns, tight pussy only goes so far......

In my early 20s I could have handled that situation with ease, but now? No way in hell. The young generation in this era is different than any other.

Very interesting thread. Sorry I missed it guys, I would've loved to have this debate.

I kinda agree with Mr. Matlock. I'm back in school, and even at 27 -- I find the age difference kinda jarring.

Now granted -- i'm OLD 27 year old. I guess in alot of ways. I grew up an only child, which immediately makes you age faster. I didn't get to have a very innocent childhood. I was kinda thrust into maturity, fairly quickly. Couple that with a razor memory and perception at 6-7 years old... i'm going to be a bit further ahead of the curve than even my numbered age would state.

Because of that, I relate to alot of you guys on here in your mid-30's. Love GN'R, and actually REMEMBER the hey day. Discovered them and MTV during the UYI period. Lived through the grunge period. I actually remember reading the newspaper and seeing the ad for "Back To The Future Part III" when it was still brand-new. I discovered TV as a small child when re-runs of "The A-Team" & "Dallas" were shows that were only a couple years old, etc.

So i'm making an example. I learned to live life at a time -- WITHOUT computers and cellphones. I remember doing it that way, before I had to learn.

Fast forward to the present. So now i'm trying to find girls, but i'm a 27-year old surrounded by 20 year olds everday, and some are even younger than that. So no, it's not an age difference like Bono's, but mentally -- it kinda is.

I don't get their music
-- One girl right now i'm kinda in a sorta thing with, sorta not... hot girl. Former Hooters chick. She just adores Chris Brown & Kanye West. Needless to say, there's absolutely no way I can connect to her love for Auto-tuned crappy singers.

I don't get the social media thing
-- I've ranted here about the thing, and this is ALL ABOUT THE LADIES! Can SOMEONE HERE explain to me, why young girls fucking heads will explode if they are not connected to Facebook 24 goddamn 7 ?!??! These girls sit in class and they don't even takes notes or listen to the lecture. They stay buried in their phones texting (Lofton referenced) or posting things on their FB wall. I don't get it at all, I find it lame, and at worse -- rude.

The newer generation have lost social skills
-- Do you realize when I was young, I was considered quiet and a hardcore introvert? Now all of the sudden i'm considered quite funny and an extrovert? Know why it happened? Like Axl, I kinda took time off from the world (didn't want to), and suddenly i've rediscovered in this new generation -- i'm actually an extrovert compared to them. These kids seemingly have no social skills at all. Girls struggle hard to carry on conversations, something guys beg chicks to shut up, I find myself having to prod them to get them to talk at all, and yet -- THEY WANT TO BE WITH ME. Huh? The girls would actually rather sit across from me at a table, and text me... but not talk to me looking me in the eyes. It's the damndest thing, and beyond irritating.

I could go on...

So like Ben i've gotten to where young tight pussy is basically not enough. The girls are SO UNINTERESTING, that you'd rather just pay some hooker for pussy than to even bother picking chicks up.

Do you really think a girl with no social skills, no interest, plus being young and inexperienced and flat out lazy mentally because of her generation is really gonna be a good lay?

It has to be more about pussy.

So what i've done, is because i'm around so many women in the 19-21 year old range, I purposely wait and pick out girls based on intelligence. I'd rather take the above average girl that's interesting, than the hotty that's boring because she thinks partying is going to the bar, and texting on her phone all night or posting pictures on Facebook, than to look up and see the cool band playing.

I just can't stand it anymore.

So do I think age matters? Absolutely. I think once you reach a certain age, probably your 30's it probably is alot easier. But in terms of picking up the fresh post-high school girl... it will be short-lived imo. Unless you are a REALLY LAME immature 35-year old, it'll be tough making it work with a newly 20-year old girl.

People used to say, "well girls are more mature, so it might work".


From what i've seen the roles have been reversed, just in observation. The boys have become the sensitive, mature romantics. The girls have become the no brains, butt-scratching, football-loving sex fiends. And the younger they are, the worse it is.

Personally I liked it better the other way. I'll probably be hooking up with a 20-year old, but even still, she'll have to be a VERY advance mature. If she's willing to turn her cell phone off for a whole day... i'll probably ask her to marry me.

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Re: Does age difference matter when it comes to dating?

Bono wrote:

Axlin your entire post would sum up how I feel exactly.... untill I met this girl.  Yes there is an issue with her checking her facebook all the time but she doesn't post much on it. It's like she just needs to know it's still there. This girl isn't anything like the ones you described which to be fair was a pretty damn accurate despription of ost women her age. But with here the age gap just doesn't seem to exist. We connect and it's weird and awesome. I almost shit myself the other night when we were chatting on facebook and she started asking me about bands she liked and wanted to know if I liked them. the Pixies, Bon Iver, Neverending White Lights, she even mentioned Collectove Soul haha. I mean WTF? she's never seen my cd collection cause I don't have it up here and she's never seen my ipod playlist so it's like she has this sid eof her that knows what good music is and yet there's still that 20 year old girl that loves the shit like that I can't stand haha.

As for the texting each other at the table that rarely happens BUT you know what I've taken the lead in that and it works amazingly well to flirt with her. When we're ina  group of people just randomly I'll text her something and she loves it. I don't let it go on and on but it's a tool I'm getting good at using.

As far as conversation goes it's never lacking. She gets my humor, she gets my pop culture refrences for the most part but you know what when we don't it's funny.

Can't explain it but I guess there's an exception to every rule. How far it'll go who knows but for now it's pretty awesome.

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