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Re: Izzys No Show At RNR Hall Of Fame

Will wrote:

I'd like to thank everyone who's contributed to the thread, really well thought out responses from everyone so far even if we are now going round in circles somewhat 16 22

For the time being I still respect Izzys decision not to attend. He has made it clear that he is open to a reunion, and even waited until after Axl declined his invation before also passing up his invite. As it wasn't going to be a full reunion, and it wasn't Izzys responsibility to force the reunion, I still have no problem with him not turning up.

Izzys also made it clear that he doesn't like "the business". It's 2012 and yet he still doesn't have an official site, a twitter, a facebook etc. When he releases albums he doesn't do interviews (aside from the few he's done directly with fans). He has no management. He doesn't have a record label, and he hasn't done a solo tour in 20 years, which I can only put down to his not wanting to deal with "the business". I'd say he's pretty consistent in that regard.

Also, I can't argue that Izzy has never done large media events because Im sure he's done some, but if you have the time watch this montage of GNR winning various awards at various award ceremonies and you'll notice Izzy is missing from them all:-

If these kind of events make him uncomfortable I don't think it's fair to bash the guy for not attending smile (No-one here, thats my general feeling in response to comments on other forums, eg. Izzys a money whore etc)

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Re: Izzys No Show At RNR Hall Of Fame

faldor wrote:

I honestly don't get all the reaction the HOF continues to receive.  I was THERE.  So if anyone feels slighted, it should be me (and others that were THERE).  I drove 9+ hours to Cleveland to see the festivities and I was glad I did.  I didn't curse Izzy or Axl for not being there.  Would I have liked them to be there?  Absolutely.  But everyone makes their own choices in life.  Izzy has his reasons.  Axl has his reasons.  It is, what it is.  What's done, is done.  Why focus on, what WASN'T?  Doesn't make any sense to me.  I had a GREAT time, seeing the people that DID show up accept the reward for GNR.  That's all that really matters, like Duff said at the induction.  Everyone hoped for the impossible, for a reunion.  It was unlikely, and it didn't happen.  So that's that, as far as I'm concerned.

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Re: Izzys No Show At RNR Hall Of Fame

metallex78 wrote:

Completely agreed with all of Monkey's points.

And although the stuff pointed out by everyone else here in defence of Izzy, are interesting arguments, I still lost a lot of respect for Izzy not showing up that night.

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Re: Izzys No Show At RNR Hall Of Fame

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: Izzys No Show At RNR Hall Of Fame

monkeychow wrote:

^ I'm like that about Axl.

Didn't really think it was plausible he'd show - I mean how can he appear with Slash on monday then DJ on tuesday?

But I expected Izzy, Steve, Slash, Matt and Duff to be there.

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Re: Izzys No Show At RNR Hall Of Fame

People seem to always ignore this one point.

Izzy and Axl go back way before GNR. Back from Indiana. They have had a pretty long friendship. That has to play a factor.

Also, maybe Izzy would have played with the guys had they not wanted Myles Kennedy doing vocals. Perhaps, like with Velvet Revolver, Slash wouldn't have performed with Duff and Izzy on vocals. Who knows, it is in the past.

However, I believe regardless of drama that Axl and Izzy used to have, the whole coming from the same place and being friends way longer than the others comes into play.

I know it would for me.

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Re: Izzys No Show At RNR Hall Of Fame

Scabbie wrote:

I think you're right, there is a strong bond between Axl and Izzy and ultimately that was the reason for the now show. Maybe izzy wanted to keep open the prospect of one off pay checks for turning up live now and again. I've said it elsewhere - Axl should start writing with him again. Take a vacation from the Malibu mansion, hang out in the desert or wherever with izzy and lay down some basic tracks.

Re: Izzys No Show At RNR Hall Of Fame

I think the whole thing is bullshit anyway 21

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