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slcpunk US Politics Thread


+ 54 weeks ago
esoterica LEAKS THREAD


+ 84 weeks ago
PaSnow Rock In Rio 2017 | Sept 23

Good call on Tom Petty, he puts out. Not always legendary, but enough to hold fans & rock fans over

+ 90 weeks ago
James Terrorist Attack at Ariana Grande concert

MacArthur book

+ 108 weeks ago
James ASHBA: 'Walking Away From GUNS N' ROSES Was The Hardest Decision I've

Agreed 100000%

+ 161 weeks ago
polluxlm Guns N' Roses Reload With a Dependable (and nice?) Frontman

great post

+ 163 weeks ago
misterID DJ ASHBA: AXL ROSE wanted me to be a part of GNR Reunion


+ 163 weeks ago
Gagarin Amateur Photography at: "Not In This Lifetime" Guns Shows

Uhm. No.

- 166 weeks ago
slcpunk New Guns N Roses member Melissa Reese

They are upset about the misogynist posts, then turn around and talk about how hot she is.

+ 166 weeks ago
Axlin16 2016 Summer Stadium 'Not In This Lifetime' Tour

Defiance on calling it the SkyDome! Haha, shout out to Joe Carter & George Bell

+ 167 weeks ago
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